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Commonalities of the Northstar and Red Line

From a physical and operational standpoint the Northstar Line and Red Line are a night and day difference, but from an implementation and performance standpoint they are actually quite similar.
The Red Line operates every 20 minutes (it used to be every 15 minutes) and had 267,000 rides in 2016 . While the Red Line hasn’t […]

Riding the Red Line with

A Red Line bus boards and discharges passengers at the Mall of America Transit Station on the evening of Friday, September 8th, 2017.
A couple weeks ago, you were all invited to take a ride on the METRO Red Line. The METRO Red Line is the Twin Cities’ first bus rapid transit line. It operates […]

Let’s Fix What We Can on the Red Line

While I would love to berate the Red Line for bad planning/engineering with an “offline” station, making pedestrians as unwelcome as possible or the general confusion of why the metro needed the line, but let’s try to be positive and constructive instead.  Here are some easy and rather cheap improvements to the Red Line […]


[…] is being rebranded as the METRO Blue Line. The Blue Line is the first of the Twin Cities METRO system of rapid transit lines which include METRO Red Line Bus Rapid Transit on Cedar Ave. METRO Blue Line trains will now have three cars and will run every ten minutes throughout most of the […]

Cline Bus

A Look at Future Rapid Bus Lines

[…] ridden the Route 21 Selby-Lake across Lake Street knows that it’s very well patronized and also very slow. It stops almost every block and hits lots of red lights because there are a lot of red lights to hit. Traffic congestion is bad, especially during rush hours, and that contributes to both slower buses […]

Bloomington to Apple Valley Red Line bus service opens tomorrow

Apple Valley Transit Station seen during Red Line construction in October 2012. (Mike Hicks)
The Twin Cities is welcoming a new transit service on Saturday: The METRO Red Line bus service along Cedar Avenue from the Mall of America in Bloomington to the eponymous Apple Valley Transit Station. The 10-mile route will have five stops: […]

You’re Invited to Ride the Red Line with

A while ago I realized I’d never been on the Red Line, which is a transit route in the Twin Cities that is named after one of the three (3) primary colors! Then Aaron Isaacs wrote his post about how they have recently upgraded the bus rapid transit route.
So we’re going to go and […]

The Red Line Revisited

I took a trip on the Red Line today to check out the new Cedar Grove station, and see out how the Twin Cities’ first BRT is doing. It’s fast and frequent, but it runs through a landscape that is designed to impede transit use.
Thanks to the new station, which eliminated a very irritating detour, it’s […]

The Right Turn on Red and some Free Ideas

[…] series on traffic signals with the red-hot topic, the right turn on red, and some ideas for improving things.
The Right Turn on Red
We all know right turn on red (RTOR) is extremely dangerous, leading to motorists mowing down workers carrying plate-glass and old ladies pushing baby buggies. Or is it? Well, it seems to lead to a […]

Join us Friday night for the Red Line Ride!

A few weeks ago, Bill Lindeke, Mike Hicks, and myself toured the Red Line. I’ve taken it a few times before for errands, but never to just explore. It’s an unique mode of transit here in the Twin Cities that tries to be LRT on rails and…well, determine for yourself how well it does […]