A Renter’s Bill Of Rights Should Attack Landlord Power

[…] low-income renters, and upping the ante on housing inspections in Minneapolis. Bender asked if there were any questions before the group entered breakout discussions, and immediately a renter began asking about recourse against her landlord, who had intimidated, threatened, and defaced her property in an effort to get her to leave. She outlined how […]

Map Monday: US States by Renter Friendliness

Here’s a map showing how states rank on a 0-100 scale of “renter friendliness”. It is brought to you by Rent Café, which I assume is some sort of apartment-finding website. They have a good list of policies that give more rights to renters, including how long you have to wait to get back […]

sign on building that says "whittier"

Fixing High-Renter, Low-Equity Neighborhood Orgs

Minneapolis’ Whittier neighborhood has an equity problem. It’s 83 percent renter; half of households are cost-burdened; one third live in poverty. Yet the Whittier neighborhood organization, the Whittier Alliance, is pushing for higher rents and fancier amenities in a new building proposed as affordable “workforce” housing: “I think you’re underestimating the neighborhood in terms of design, […]

Hilarious faux television promotion featuring large gathering of hipsters on a street corner.

TV’s “Real Renters of Minneapolis” to Debut in 2016

[…] the weekly, ceremonial tossing of a bocce ball through a neighbor’s window. Producers are prepared for an extended legal battle. MORE HEADLINES: “Ex-Renter” Movement Gathers Steam – Downzoning evangelist comes out as former renter, advocates “homeowner conversion therapy.” Analysis of NexTrip Data Uncovers Thousands of Missing Passengers – Transit riders feared lost to other dimension. https://streets.mn/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/REALRENTERS-500×376.jpg Hilarious faux television promotion featuring […]

Mapping Renters and Owners in Central Saint Paul

If you ever attend a neighborhood meeting in Saint Paul (or probably any city), you’re likely to hear a lot about the perceived or actual animosity of homeowners against renters. For example, in my own neighborhood in the North End, a recent meeting drew some audible expressions of surprise when someone quoted the statistic that […]

Chart of the Day: Renter Participation in Neighborhood Groups

Occasional streets.mn contributor John Edwards has a new blog about the demographic gap between his local neighborhood group and the surrounding residents of  the Wedge, complete with nifty infographics. Here’s one of the charts on the site:   I wrote a column about this over at Minnpost today. Engaging with renters is a persistent challenge for neighborhood groups all […]

Preserving Rental Affordability in the Infill Era

Despite seeing some healthy growth over the last few years, 2014 is turning out to be a rough development year for the Wedge’s renters. While renters currently comprise ~77% of the neighborhood, their voices are being drowned out. The neighborhood’s last few proposed rental projects have seen heavy opposition or have been blocked entirely. The winnings […]

Chart of the Day: Federal Housing Expenditures for Homeowners versus Renters

Matthew Desmond, author of the award-winning book Evicted, about rental housing and poverty in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was in town last week to discuss his work. He gave a lecture sponsored by the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, and here’s a chart from his presentation. The point of the chart is pretty clear. Through programs […]