Exactly Where Does The Song “Skyway” Take Place?

Here’s a question left hanging downtown for more than 30 years: If Paul Westerberg was singing about a particular skyway in the 1987 Replacements song, “Skyway,” which skyway was it?
That mystery lies at the confluence of two local cottage industries of inquiry: The history of skyways and the geography of the Replacements. Studies of […]

The Nicollet Walk: A Stairway to the Skyway

The proposed interventions to the Minneapolis Skyway system were a subtle, yet powerful element of the James Corner Field Operations’ proposal for the Nicollet Mall Redesign.  The proposal explicitly included five distinct interventions that while in some cases are relatively superficial, demonstrate a new attitude about interfacing the skyway with the street.  The skyways […]

In defense of skyways

[…] and transportationist.org Photos of skyways by author from Sydney (2), Portland (2), Minneapolis (3), Tokyo (1), and Harrogate (1) respectively.

Everyone seems to be hating on Minneapolis’s world-beating skyway network. Sam Newberg is the latest in a recent post at streets.mn:

Is it Time to Remove Those Pesky Skyways? :

“The following post shares a similar argument […]

Skyways Aren’t About the Weather

One of the ‘retro-fit’ skyway spaces. These are often the bleakest, and most confusing.
The recent back and forth about the skyway system has been really interesting for me to follow, as the debate over the proper role of the skyways has long been one of the more frustrating topics I’ve covered over at my […]

Sure our skyways could be like Venice, if you mean the one in Las Vegas

[…] story was picked up by the Star Tribune (in a column that featured Streets.mn’s own Sam Newberg). Then, this weekend, there was an interesting op-ed about the skyway system, written by a landscape architect at the U of MN, pointing to how the skyway’s bridges formed a visual rhyme with the bridges of Venice.
Here’s […]

2012 Best Skyway/Underground System: Downtown Minneapolis

Skyways are often derided by idealistic urbanists. Critics point to barren downtown streetscapes and blame the skyways for lack of activity. In my previous life as a naive urban planning student learning about cities, I criticized them myself. But I now think of skyways in the same way as most people probably do: just another option […]

Minneapolis Skyways Offer an Escape from Reality

“Since the first skyway opened in 1962,” Kim Ode writes in her piece on the expansion of the Minneapolis Skyway System, “the elevated passages have signified escape, whether from traffic noise, stoplights or the weather.” Yet there is another kind of escapism at play here: an escape from the demands of empathy, social responsibility, […]

Sidewalk Tour: Minneapolis Skyway System and the Last Holidazzle

You are invited to a tour of the Minneapolis Skyway system, which turned 50 just last year. I did a bunch of research on the Minneapolis skyways a while back, and am going to take people to a few of the highlights of the system.
Plus this is the last chance to see the Holidazzle […]

Evolution of the Minneapolis Skyway System (1962-2002)

Based on the data in
Corbett, Michael, Feng Xie, and David Levinson (2009) Evolution of the Second-Story City: The Minneapolis Skyway System. Environment and Planning b 36(4) 711-724

Abstract. This research describes the growth of the Minneapolis Skyway network and aims to determine if the growth of the system has followed a predictable path. We hypothesize that the system […]

deep north podcast

Deep North Podcast – Skyway Schism: Beyond the Binary

 This week on Deep North: The climate controlled hallways that elevate Minneapolis and St. Paul humans to the second floor. The value of these skyways is a contentious issue. Some say they kill street life and hurt small business. Others see the skyways as an asset for less mobile populations, and a comfortable way to […]