Chart of the Day: Projected SWLRT Boardings circa 2007

[…] document from back in the Southwest Light Rail (SWLRT) planning daze. Here are the projected boardings for the different modes and alignments that were on the table at the time: As Slotterback says, “Route 3A (the selected route) was projected to have lower average boardings than 3C.” Slotterback also points out that current costs for the project,  now called […]

Chart of the Day: Minneapolis Electricity vs. Built Square Footage over Time

Via Brendon Slotterback’s Twitter, here’s a chart showing Minneapolis’ energy use and “built square footage” (i.e. the total amount of buildings) over time: As Slotterback says: Minneapolis’ total electricity use has declined 4% since ’06 while total square footage has increased 5.5%. At the global scale, preventing out of control climate change requires de-linking […]

When Cities Get Serious About Climate Change…

A recent comment on planted a seed in my head. The discussion was about the utility and futility of buses vs. streetcars, and for some reason I was particularly struck by (fellow writer and Minneapolis sustainability program coordinator) Brendon Slotterback’s statement about BRT: If we build A-BRT, we can always go back and put […]