Chart of the Day: Projected SWLRT Boardings circa 2007

[…] document from back in the Southwest Light Rail (SWLRT) planning daze. Here are the projected boardings for the different modes and alignments that were on the table at the time: As Slotterback says, “Route 3A (the selected route) was projected to have lower average boardings than 3C.” Slotterback also points out that current costs for the project,  now called […]

Chart of the Day: Minneapolis Electricity vs. Built Square Footage over Time

Via Brendon Slotterback’s Twitter, here’s a chart showing Minneapolis’ energy use and “built square footage” (i.e. the total amount of buildings) over time: As Slotterback says: Minneapolis’ total electricity use has declined 4% since ’06 while total square footage has increased 5.5%. At the global scale, preventing out of control climate change requires de-linking […]

Podcast #54 – Towards a Sustainable Minneapolis with Brendon Slotterback

Some of the Minneapolis Sustainability indicators The podcast this week is a conversation with Brendon Slotterback, longtime writer and sustainability program coordinator for the city of Minneapolis. Brendon has been leading the city’s efforts to develop and achieve a set of sustainability metrics, targets aimed at reducing energy use, pollution, and increasing social […]

When Cities Get Serious About Climate Change…

A recent comment on planted a seed in my head. The discussion was about the utility and futility of buses vs. streetcars, and for some reason I was particularly struck by (fellow writer and Minneapolis sustainability program coordinator) Brendon Slotterback’s statement about BRT: If we build A-BRT, we can always go back and put […]

I Love Some of Our Streets

[…] any of us writers proclaiming love for the streets in our Twin Cities or suburbs. We talk about trails and parks, which Minnesota does very well. Brendon Slotterback loves trees that line our streets and Andrew Owen loves accessibility that comes from how our streets are used, but what about the streets themselves? Given […]

2035 Predictions for Washington Avenue Offer Precision Without Accuracy

Yesterday, Brendon Slotterback (my colleague here on tweeted something that caught my brain. It was about the plans for Washington Avenue through downtown Minneapolis: The comment was a reaction to a debate taking place online this week (in admittedly small circles) about the recently released Hennepin County study on over traffic projections and […]

Writers’ Round-up: Advisory Bike Lanes

[…] from 62nd to 66th, but after the fallout in Edina, instead shoe-horned in traditional lanes into the door zone, in a 10-5-7 configuration. The ever thoughtful Brendon Slotterback: 46th streets in SW Mpls also has these.  After one year, they are almost invisible due to the fact that they are painted right where car […]

The Enormity of the Hennepin/Lyndale Spaghetti Bowl

There are a lot of ways to subsidize a thing. We subsidize homeownership with tax breaks. We subsidize corn production with price floors. We subsidize highway driving by transferring billions of dollars a year from the general fund to the foundering Highway Trust Fund. Whether or not you agree with these policies, they’re visible and […]

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