The North Minneapolis-Southwest LRT Connection

The Southwest Corridor will dramatically improve the transit connection between North Minneapolis and the southwest suburbs. Today, if a Northside resident wants to travel to Hopkins, a one transfer bus ride is available during rush hour every 20 minutes, and it takes 46 minutes to get there from the corner of North 7th Street […]

Hopkins station connection

Southwest LRT – Downtown Hopkins

From Southwest Community Works, see planned concepts for connecting the downtown Hopkins LRT Station to Hopkins Mainstreet, via 8th Avenue.

Southwest LRT: Triage Now, Rehabilitation Later

[…] nothing is clear when it comes to figuring out how freight rail, bike trails, neighborhoods, and our Chain of Lakes can exist in harmony with the planned Southwest Light Rail line. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has remotely followed the development of this line over the past decade.
As the planning […]

Map of the Day: The Southwest Routing We SHOULD Be Building

Much has been written on Streets.MN about the Southwest LRT project (or Green Line Extension if you prefer). Contributors have been arguing the strengths and weaknesses of the approved 3A (Kenilworth) and dropped 3C (Uptown/Nicollet) routings for years. 3A allows for direct interlining with the existing LRT lines (providing operational savings for Metro Transit) […]

Connecting North Minneapolis to LRT

There has been much discussion about how to connect north Minneapolis to the Southwest LRT, and that’s important, but even more important are the connections to the existing Blue Line and Green Line. The connections aren’t very convenient today and they could be much better. Even after Southwest is built, there will be more north […]

Chart of the Day – Southwest LRT Routing

The Kenilworth Corridor (3A) was selected as the Locally Preferred Alternative for Southwest Light Rail in 2009. During those discussions, national transportation blog The Transport Politic published three maps comparing the chosen 3A alignment with the 3C Alt 2 alignment which would have served Uptown and Whittier.
The decision is far in the rearview mirror, […]

A One-Track Mind

[…] (Southwest LRT) is actually under construction, there remains the possibility it can be improved. While the best improvement (given the existence of an LRT to fourth ring Southwest suburbs) would be to route it along a path where people actually live, if we cannot maximize benefits, surely we should minimize costs.
I speak of course […]

Twin Cities Rapid Transit, Southwest LRT, and Prospect Theory

[…] it so that I will feel that I have been properly compensated.
Streetcar interior view (photo by author)
We in the Twin Cities see this playing out in the Southwest corridor, where supposedly a bike lane, an LRT and a freight line cannot fit in the same corridor at grade, and all sorts of irrational work-arounds […]


Average jobs+population density per acre along the Southwest LRT corridor. Map by the author, with background data from the US Census Bureau.” width=”500″ height=”386″ class=”size-medium wp-image-52959″ /> Average jobs+population density per acre along the Southwest LRT corridor. Map by the author, with background data from the US Census […]

Map of the Day: Average Jobs/Population Density Along SWLRT

With yesterday’s announcement that the price tag for the proposed Southwest LRT line (or “Green Line Extension” if you prefer) has jumped to $2 billion, there’s been a lot of chatter both inside and outside of Streets.MN about what this holds for the project.
Some have said the corridor should be dropped as it was […]