Trimming Southwest Light Rail

Following a resounding rejection of the recent cost estimate, Metro Transit staff has offered up a menu of options to trim $341 million from the cost of the Green Line Extension in the Southwest Corridor to keep the budget at $1.653 billion. The options were evaluated against these criteria: Follow SWLRT Design Criteria, including criteria […]

A Southwest Light Rail Explainer

August 03, 2014, back seat of a Toyota 4Runner, Highway 169, Central Minnesota: “So what’s going on with that train stuff?” “Ah, it’s kind of a long story at this point.” Without Even Mentioning Light Rail The contentious portion of our story begins in the 1990s, when the intersection of Hiawatha Avenue and Lake Street […]

What Southwest Light Rail Conversations Get Wrong

Is there anything new to say about the Southwest Light Rail? Everything and nothing, sound and fury. Angst and ennui. OK, but even though much has been said, I still think people get the conversation wrong most of the time. I’d like to see a different discussion taking place. Here’s what Southwest is NOT about, and […]

Lost Railways of the Twin Cities

Take a rails-and-trails tour of abandoned railways around the Twin Cities metro, as our author explains their history and current uses.

Rail vs Bus on the Red Rock Corridor

Back in the late 1990s, MnDOT analyzed several existing freight rail corridors in the Twin Cities region for the possibility of implementing commuter rail service. Three routes were chosen for their cost effectiveness and best potential ridership: the Northstar Line to St. Cloud, the Red Rock Corridor to Hastings, and the Dan Patch Corridor to […]