The Stillwater Bridge Story, Part Five

To Build a Bridge Several years ago, I wrote a four part series about the story of the Stillwater Bridge across the St. Croix River. Part 1 covered the  project from 1950s promises to build a high bridge and get traffic well away from downtown up to the point the original iteration of the 1980s proposal was […]

The Stillwater Bridge Story: Part Three

This is Part Three in my series on the new Stillwater Bridge; the series continues with further design revisions and some odds and ends. Part One looked at the history from vague 1950s proposals to the doomed 1995 plan. Part Two covered further design proposals as well as the trials and tribulations leading up to […]

The Stillwater Bridge Story: Part Two

When a Final Design Isn’t This is Part Two of a series on the new Stillwater Bridge, now officially known as the St. Croix Crossing. Part One dealt with 1950s era mutterings up to the 1995 selection of a preferred alternative. But as everyone knows there was plenty of opposition. Although final design work (costing $1 Million) and […]

The Stillwater Bridge Story: Part One

Part I: The Backstory Behind the Bridge Undoubtedly the highest profile road project in Minnesota is the new bridge at Stillwater, the St. Croix Crossing. (The project was originally known officially as the Stillwater-Houlton Bridge, or colloquially just the Stillwater Bridge, before the present name). Although there is a lot of current information available, the […]

Final Design for Stillwater Bridge may Exceed Budget

Announced plan includes 8-lane lift bridge, Callatrava-designed gusset suspension Oak Park Heights, MN – Imagine speeding across a brand new Stillwater lift bridge, only inches from the pristine waters of the Saint Croix. This bit of science fiction may soon become science fact, according to the final plans for the new Stillwater bridge crossing. At […]

Three Arguments Against the Stillwater Bridge, and Two Reasons It Will Pass Anyway

We’ve already covered the Stillwater Bridge debate like a North Dakota blanket both here, and on our individual blogs. So it comes as a big of a disappointment that the vote on an unprecedented  violation of environmental regulations to make a new freeway past Stillwater and over a new freeway bridge into a new freeway […]

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Stillwater’s Parking Ramp Problems

This is Part Four in a loosely-related series of the evolution of retail and parking issues. Part One covered the alleged dislike of people for parking ramps and why it’s causing problems for the Shops of West End. Part Two covered the evolution of regional retail from downtown to lifestyle centers. Part Three compared several […]