Why Minneapolis SHOULD Consent to the SWLRT Tunnel Plan

[…] as it would be for any other line it crosses.  It’s also right to question what the Kenilworth alignment gives Minneapolis for quality transit stops.  However, a SWLRT with only a southern tunnel has potential to give riders a single transfer (or better) experience to (and within) many Minneapolis destinations (or, Minneapolis residents a […]

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Share The Pain: SWLRT Related Trail Closure

SWLRT Construction’s massive transportation impact As part of the SWLRT construction, the Cedar Lake Trail is now closed between Hopkins and Minneapolis. For two to three years. Never fear, there is a detour. Let’s take a look at it. Official SWLRT Trail closure and detour map These detours certainly get a cyclist from one side […]

SWLRT Alternatives

SWLRT: A Retrospective Link Roundup

Have you heard the news today, oh boy?
(Okay, yesterday.)
The costs of the SWLRT are ballooning — up to $2B, in fact. By the math, that’s 333 Vikings pedestrian bridges, and change. Between ongoing legal and political battles from city, county and suburbs, to newly-identified soil contamination that’s worse than anticipated, to an improved economy […]

Chart of the Day: Projected SWLRT Boardings circa 2007

[…] time:

As Slotterback says, “Route 3A (the selected route) was projected to have lower average boardings than 3C.”
Slotterback also points out that current costs for the project,  now called the “Green Line Extension”, have reached the original “higher” cost of the 3C route.
For much more on SWLRT alignment decision, check out the streets.mn archives. https://streets.mn/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/SWLRT-boarding-estimates-500×351.jpg SWLRT boarding […]

SWLRT West Lake Station: Avoiding Future Regrets

[…] coulda-woulda-shoulda’s. Other than signal-timing, I think it’s fair to say they mainly relate to pedestrian needs. Well, pedestrian needs have gotten short shrift to date for the SWLRT West Lake Station (also future Midtown terminus) – although it may not appear that way at first glance.
Unfortunately, until now, the freight railroad and tunnel issues […]


In Eulogy? SWLRT Alignment (video)

With news today that the latest cost estimates have approached the $2 billion mark, there is much speculation on Twitter that this news might mean the end of the SWLRT Green Line extension to Eden Prairie. […]

Why Minneapolis SHOULD NOT consent to the SWLRT tunnel plan

The City of Minneapolis learned about the proposed shallow tunnel option for the Southwest Light Rail project earlier this spring. Today, the Metropolitan Council was scheduled to go forward with a vote to approve the shallow tunnel option as the solution to the freight rail issue–had it not been for Governor Dayton stepping in on […]

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SWLRT Construction: A Bike Tour of the Construction

[…] of grass.
In Golden Triangle, south of 70th Street. Looking north.
The light rail will either parallel the trail or replace it. The crane does not relate to the SWLRT construction.
US 212 just north of Flying Cloud Drive.
Another light rail bridge will go over from the right and touch down just to the left of the […]