Kensington Park, Richfield

Kensington Park – Ten Years Later

For the third installment of the “Urban Design – Ten Years Later” series, we head to suburban Richfield, Minnesota to take a look at Kensington Park. What was envisioned back then? How is it used and loved today? Has it lived up to the hype? Is it a great place for people? The good news is […]

Top 10 “Least-Read” Posts of 2015

[…] to compare the relative safety of different types of transportation, and how the measurement you choose influences the outcome of the comparison. Number 4: Kensington Park – Ten Years Later – Let’s take a look back at this post looking back on the where Richfield’s mixed-use Kensington Park development succeeded and struggled. Number 3: Muckraking on […]

The Midtown Exchange: Almost Ten Years Later

Can you believe it? Has it been that long? Indubitably, it has been nearly 10 years since the Midtown Exchange was redeveloped in the old Sears building. I was there, with a very pregnant wife, for the grand opening in June 2006, and today my wife works there at Allina’s headquarters office, and we take […]

The 2023 BikeMN Legislative Agenda

[…] unique position this year that we have a DFL trifecta in the House and the Senate and the governorship, which has not been the case in over ten years. It’s been a while. Dorian: It’s been eight years that Senator Newman from Hutchinson was the chair of the Transportation Committee. He was a Republican […]

Ten Highway Projects of 2014

[…] bridges, the Winona Bridge will be rehabilitated and repaired.  For some reason it was OK to destroy the Hastings High Bridge, but the Winona Bridge, only 8 years older, must be preserved. So a new modern two lane bridge will be built next to it, then the old bridge will be rehabilitated while the […]

Minnesota Gadgetbahn – When the Future of Twin Cities Transit Was Up in the Air

[…] As I watched the Rail-Volution at tendees gathered in the refurbished Union Depot last night, I thought what a long way we’ve come from the dark days ten years ago when nearly every transportation meeting I attended included at least one proponent of Personal Rapid Transit, an iteration of a phenomenon some transit professionals […]

The Soul of St. Paul’s Highland Park

If you’d have told me ten years ago that I’d be bemoaning the loss of a large-format chain retailer, anywhere, I’d have been suspicious. Stranger things have happened, and as of January 1, 2015, Barnes & Noble in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul closed its doors. The neighborhood lost not only a bookstore but a “third place,” a […]

Twin Cities Ten Million!

[…] be recycled, will it leave toxic waste? Can legal land uses be changed in response to needs, or will neighbors need to be consulted in processes lasting years? 6. Adopt universal rules – Have as few rules as possible regulating decisions, only general rules that apply in the maximum number of circumstances. Fine-grained details […]

End Of Gas Stations III: Coming To A Corner Near You

[…] Car Again. Lifecycle Changeover: Legacy ICE Giving Way To Early Majority PEVs Tesla expects to be producing 500,000 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) per year by 2020, almost ten times today’s production. Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, in his keynote speech at last week’s NY Auto Show, said that their future is BEVs. Volvo expects 10% […]

Three Ways of Looking at the Lexington and University Development Debate

[…] is that it meets every rule in the St. Paul Zoning Code. That’s the point I was trying to make during the in tense Planning Commission meeting ten days ago. The vote was part of a longer conversation that’s been taking place in St. Paul about a development near University Avenue. Looked at differently, […]