Transpo Convo: Gardens in the Mist

  The “ Transpo Convo” series asks people how they get around the city, how they would like to get around the city, and what could improve their transportation experiences around the city. A section of the MnDOT public garden tended by Jeanne Weigum. An Autumn view of the MnDOT property public garden at Marshall […]

Transpo Convo with Bill

Transpo Convo is an ongoing series in which I interview people about their transportation use.  This second installment features highlights from my conversation with Bill D., in which we chat about icy winter riding, revamping roads for greater cycling infrastructure, and how to build effective cycling advocacy. Bill and I talked bikes, bikes, and […]

Transpo Convo with Mohamed

Welcome to the very first Transpo Convo!  This is a brand new ongoing series in which I interview people about their transportation use.  In this first installment I share a few highlights from my conversation with Mohamed F., where we gab about bike lanes, transit pricing, and what Metro Transit could learn about rider experience from Nairobi’s matatu culture. […]

Transpo Convo: George at the Bus Stop

“I love MTC!” “I love MTC!”George stands at a bus stop on University Avenue on a blustery, 50 degree day, finishing his cigarette.  He had been shopping at Wal-Mart. George exudes a love for life. “I just bought a pack of lighters, and I knew how much they were going to cost me,” he smiles. […]

Transpo Convo: Seeking the Best Holiday Light Displays

One Friday night, my family and I had the luck of catching the Holiday bus. As we rode, we noticed other holiday lights and decorations along the route. It reminded me of my father driving us around when I was a child, looking at the beautifully decorated houses during this season. Holiday Bus   I […]


Transpo Convo: What’s Important on the Way to School

Growing up, I learned the Sesame Street song “Who are the People in your Neighborhood?” Living on a farm, my neighborhood looked quite a bit different from Sesame Street. Now that I live in a denser location, I take advantage of the surrounding amenities, as does my family. One luxury that they have that I […]

Transpo Convo: Kristen Biking With Her Son

  Kristen is a health care employee who cares deeply about community health and fitness.  She wants to set a good example for her family.  She has a bicycle trailer she often uses to transport her 14 month old son to daycare and other destinations. “Safety is my biggest concern.  There really aren’t helmets for […]

Transpo convo: Phyllis in the Snow

  “It’s nasty out here,” Phyllis proclaims after crossing University Avenue at Pascal.  She was dragging her shopping bag suitcase on wheels in one hand and using a cane in the other.  She had started crossing at the green light and the 22 seconds of crossing time didn’t quite allow her to get all the […]