Chart of the Day: Comparing Vehicle Miles Traveled Charts

The erstwhile Scott Shaffer breaks down four ways of looking at vehicle miles travelled (VMT) data on his Tumblr — total, per capita, per vehicle, and per driver. Compare the results: For some reason he starts talking about Monica and Russ: VMT per capita in Minnesota has been steady or dropping since about 2004. Quick […]

Per Cpaital Vmt Chart 2018 Cu

Chart of the Day: Per Capita Vehicle Miles Traveled, 2018 Update

Time once again for another update on the big picture of driving in the United States: Vehicle Miles Travelled, per person. Long-time wonks who have been following this key stat might remember that it “peaked” fifteen years ago, and VMT (overall and per capita) had plateaued and was declining… … until gas prices went way […]

Chart of the Day: Per Capita Auto Fatalities vs. Per Capita Vehicle Miles Traveled

This is a great chart from the New York Times that puts a dizzying spin on the usual vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and fatality graphs by plotting them against each other. Auto fatalities per capita is on the Y-axis, and VMT per capita is on the X (moving to the right = larger): (Note: 1979 = the […]

Chart of the Day: Vehicle Miles Traveled 2014

Via Planetizen, here’s an informative chart about an oft-discussed topic here on annual vehicle miles travelled. The nice thing here is that it attempts to correlate VMT with other economic and demographic data:   Planetizen’s Steve Polzin has a few prescient takeaways: Fuel prices and a soft economy were important contributors to slowing VMT […]

Chart of the Day: Total Monthly US Vehicle Miles Traveled

Here’s a chart showing an uptick in driving due to low prices, from this blog about sustainability… It just shows that price signals do make a big difference, even if total VMT has been below its peak for a decade.

Chart of the Day: US Speeding-related Fatalities by Speed Limit and Land Use

Here’s the most interesting chart IMO from the recent NTSB report on the connection between speeding and fatal crashes in the US. The report is lengthy, and tends to focus on automobile crashes on highways, but there are some interesting takeaways. Here’s the chart itself [emphasis mine]: Here’s how the report describes the data behind […]

Chart of the Day: Vehicle Weight vs Road Damage Levels

Via Pedal Fort Collins, here’s a simple chart showing the basic relationship between vehicle weight and the amount of “damage” or wear that is caused to the roadway. The relationship is pretty straightforward, but thanks to the magic of gasoline, people often forget to think about the weight disparities on our roads. Thus the chart, where […]

Chart of the Day: Comparing Bus and Vehicle Fatality Rates on Urban Streets

Today’s chart of the day shows total fatality rates per vehicle mile (not passenger trip or mile as I detailed here) for urban transit buses and passenger vehicles. It uses fatality data from the 2011 National Transit Database and NHTSA Safety reports. The main difference here is that it compares passenger vehicle travel done only on […]

Chart of the Day: Visual Field at Different Speeds

Last week’s post on “The Critical Ten,” the difference between driving at 20 and 30 miles per hour, generated an intriguing conversation over at Streetsblog about what, exactly, science can tell us about perception and speed. I included this chart (given to me by folks at an engineering firm), but writer Alex Cecchini tweeted […]