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Chart of the Day: Comparing Bus and Vehicle Fatality Rates on Urban Streets

Today’s chart of the day shows total fatality rates per vehicle mile (not passenger trip or mile as I detailed here) for urban transit buses and passenger vehicles. It uses fatality data from the 2011 National Transit Database and NHTSA Safety reports. The main difference here is that it compares passenger vehicle travel done only on […]

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Chart of the Day: Visual Field at Different Speeds

Last week’s post on “The Critical Ten,” the difference between driving at 20 and 30 miles per hour, generated an intriguing conversation over at Streetsblog about what, exactly, science can tell us about perception and speed. I included this chart (given to me by folks at an engineering firm), but writer Alex Cecchini tweeted […]

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Chart of the Day: Average US Fuel Economy since 1975

Here’s a chart that appears in a (less-than-groundbreaking) discussion about peak vehicle miles traveled, showing average US fuel economy since the 1970s. According to the page (Peak Oil News): The graph also shows that, with the second oil crisis, mileage restarted to increase, but by far not as fast as in the 1970s. There is […]

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