People on Foot: Step Up to Stop the Carnage!

The tragic death of Kunlek Wangmo last week clearly struck a nerve with many people, especially those who live along West 7th Street in Saint Paul, where she was hit and killed by a car while crossing Saint Clair Avenue on her regular daily walk with her husband. For Nicole Mardell, the incident brought back a […]

Riverview Corridor: Finding a Good Balance Between Light Rail and Streetcar

[…] in Budapest, is one of the longest trams in the world. Photo by Albert Lugosi. Ford Spur The Ford Spur should be used by Riverview streetcars between West 7th & Alton and West 7th & Toronto (2.8 miles in distance). The dedicated right-of-way is there, and there are fewer crossings with vehicles and pedestrians (17 […]

St. Paul Bike Plan Comments

[…] bike plan. That’s insane. Coming from the southwest (south of I-35E) there is nothing to get a cyclist safely into downtown. You are forced to ride on West 7th, which is horrible, particularly where it expands to four lanes. If you live south of Randolph, you can ride off the bluff to the Sam Morgan […]

The Largest, Hardest-to-Find Park in St. Paul

July 6, 2022 Highland Park, West End/ West 7th, Downtown, Lowertown, Battle Creek 24.3 miles Below, the map of the July 6, 2022 ride. St. Paul is a river town. No surprise there. What may be is that our city has more shoreline and publicly owned land along the Mississippi than any other city along […] happy hour drinks

Enjoy Happy Hour on March 23 with!

[…] contributor for, a volunteer for our events and get involved in other ways. See you there! How to Get There Metro Transit Route 74 (exit at West 7th & Smith), Route 54 (which runs down West 7th) and Route 63 (Grand Avenue) have stops within walking distance. Check out the Metro Transit website. Bad […]

Saint Paul’s Oversized Downtown Streets

[…] Street at Cedar Street). Personally, I like the idea of converting 5th Street to a (bus) transit/pedestrian mall with bi-directional bus traffic, since it connects directly to West 7th Street and the I-94 ramps to/from Minneapolis, links Rice Park and Mears Park, and also goes straight past the Green Line’s Central station and is just […]

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Upzoning Is the Only Way to Save Grand Avenue

[…] the neighborhood’s historic character, which would somehow be destroyed by an apartment building. Yet Grand Avenue’s buildings are no more “historic” or architecturally significant than Payne Avenue, West 7th Street or most any other streetcar corridor in Saint Paul. The only difference is the wealth and ethnicity of the surrounding neighborhood. Aesthetic NIMBY arguments like […]

Four men in work clothes inside a streetcar maintence shop with several streetcars in the baackground.

65 Years Later: Twin Cities Streetcars

[…] been extended as far north as Northtown Mall (though this would require grade-separation at the Soo Line, now Canadian Pacific, railroad crossing). If the Minnehaha Avenue and West 7th routes survived, they could’ve been extended to the airport and eventually the Mall of America. How it could have impacted transit planning, including the planned LRT […]