Peachtree Street

National Links: Atlanta to Woonerf and the Importance of Shade

[…] city’s metro system, building BRT costs 20 times less to similarly decrease pollution and serve as an alternative to driving. (Zeninjor Enwemeka | WBUR) Atlanta Considers a Woonerf: For a two-mile stretch of Peachtree Street in downtown, Atlanta is proposing a Dutch “woonerf” or “shared space. The design would remove physical barriers between sidewalks […]

Pedestrian and Bicycle zone in Houten.

The Pedestrian Treatment

With Minneapolis getting its first Woonerf, we can start to think about reallocating road space more seriously. Over the years, many writers on have suggested a number of potential ideas in the Twin Cities for pedestrian treatment. While the radicals among us may want to ban cars altogether (at least in cities), the realistic among […]

Walking West River Parkway

Walking West River Parkway

[…] the MCQ Apartments. Right off the bat, a plus is they have a Nice Ride station directly in front of the property. MCQ – Affordable Apartments MCQ’s Woonerf This would be cool. A Netherlands-style Woonerf for pedestrians and bicyclists going from the property to West River Parkway. They’ve gone as far as starting it […]

Minnehaha Avenue: Why stop at better?

[…] both sides, so the entire stormwater system can drain to these two medians even if the outside needs to change between a standard slip lane, cycletrack, or woonerf. Finally, they provide some snow storage space for the primary travel lanes. Is flexibility valuable? At certain spots, it makes sense to widen the center carriageway […]

How to Slow Traffic – Put S#!t in the Way

[…] of signage and enforcement to slow traffic, but literally a different road design, and that includes putting s#! in the way. The Dutch call another solution the “Woonerf.” According to Donald Appleyard in his book Livable Streets, there are five criteria for a woonerf. They include gateways that announce that one has entered the […]

Woonerf in Delft

Follow the Red Brick Road

[…] time, and the other disadvantages (rough surface compared to asphalt) led to it being pulled out on the auto path, though it remains for the bike/walk path. Woonerf in Delft A fourth choice is brick. Fans of the Woonerf, as I have been since reading Streets Ahead, know that many neighborhood streets in the Netherlands […]