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Betsey rides her pretty blue city bike, walks her energetic black dogs, and agitates for more thoughtful, long-range decision-making in Northfield, MN. You can follow her blog at

Sunday Summary – March 23, 2014

Now that it is really, or at least officially, Spring, writers have been busy this week.  Fewer charts, but more longer posts.  The Big Theme this week is: the ways we frame issues and positions matters (or, it’s not “just rhetorical”) Hot button issues: Development politics and policy:  What if Minneapolis Enacted a Moratorium […]

Sunday Summary – March 16, 2014

Summarizing a busy week on as the snow melts quickly: Audio: Last Week in MPLS Episode 6 is a wide-ranging recap while Podcast #60 – The Pros (and Cons) of the Move MN Bill continues coverage of MoveMN and its proposed legislation. Visual: How to Bike in the City: Tips for the Bicycle Curious is a video intro to […]

Sunday Summary – March 9, 2014

Marching right along to the start of another week with a look back at last week’s posts: Regular features: Charts of the Day this week are all about congestion: 7 Most Congested Corridors in the Metro,   Percentage of Miles of Twin City Urban Freeway System Congestion, Twin Cities Freeway Congestion, INRIX Traffic Congestion Scorecard […]

Sunday Summary – March 2, 2014

The Sunday Summary is a quick guide to stories and features on in the previous week. Regular features this week include the new Charts of the Day with three charts on three days illustrating work trip mode share information starting with Minnesota, zooming in to the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area and then Minneapolis.  Focusing by […]

Sunday Summary – February 23, 2014

A quiet week on compared to the last few, but some technical challenges on the site (plus the latest snowstorm or two) may be to blame.  Here’s the summary of the week’s transportation and land use posts: Regular features: The Sketch, a new feature, presents urban sketches from Ken Avidor and (soon) other […]

Sunday Summary – February 9, 2014

The Sunday Summary, your guide to the week’s news on Big stories Two stories mentioned in last week’s summary continued their impact with new posts. Nicollet Mall can live up to its potential, with its call to tear down the skyways and picked up by MinnPost generated a response on MinnPost Don’t Tear Down […]

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Sunday Summary – February 2, 2014

The Sunday summary, your guide to the week’s news on Big stories Nicollet Mall can live up to its potential as “one of the most vibrant public spaces in America” during the current redesign initiative according to Sam Newberg a/k/a Joe Urban. His prescription: changing the zoning to put more storefronts and entrances onto […]

Placemaking is not new, Northfield edition

“Placemaking” is everyplace these days. My Twitter feed (admittedly heavy on urbanism, land use, and transportation) positively bristles with #placemaking. The Project for Public Spaces, the epicenter of placemaking theory and practice, says it’s “More than a fashionable phrase, it’s a whole new way of thinking about fostering vital communities.” In Forbes, placemaking is introduced to a wider audience […]

Small steps add up to big changes

Last week, I posted about the political difficulties with Northfield’s TIGER grant funded project, but the TIGER trail is the only latest and largest project to improve biking and walking. It’s worth celebrating the smaller steps toward a more walkable, bikeable city Northfield has been taking for more than decade. To be sure, Northfield starts […]

Taming TIGER’s critics in Northfield

“The elephant in the room when discussing Northfield…is always TH3. Everything I love about Northfield stands in complete opposition to TH3, which seems to only distract from the Northfield experience” commented Rueben Collins of VeloTraffic in response to Northfield on  These days, that elephant is making a great deal of noise in the Council chambers as the City […]