Author: Jessica Schoner

Jessica Schoner

Jessica Schoner

Jessica Schoner is a masters candidate at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota.

2012 Best Trend (Hint: It’s not the Apocalypse)

I put off writing about the 2012 Streets.MN best trend until this morning in case all the raining fire and brimstone would surpass the other “best trend” candidates. But since we dodged that fate, it’s time to unveil the 2012 Best Trend results! Nice Ride Minnesota is the clear winner with 44.2% of the vote.  […]

Mapping Station Use in the 2011 NiceRide Season

This post was co-authored by J. Schoner, A. Harrison, and X. Wang. It is cross-posted on and To no small amount of clamor among the non-motorized community in the Twin Cities and nation at large, Nice Ride MN recently published their complete 2011 data. A few early cuts with Excel and ArcGIS reveal […]