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Nicole has a passion for building active and sustainable cities. She's a MN native and enjoys spending all seasons outdoors. Fundraiser: THANK YOU!

When I was in high school, my favorite teacher was a 6’5″ bald man who went by the nontraditional title of Johnson the Tall. He annually attended the Conference of the Parties starting in 2009, spent most of his winter weekends racing sled dogs in the boundary waters, and wore some of the most competitively intricate Norwegian sweaters […]

Come to the Fundraiser – We Went to Costco For You!

Tonight is the annual fundraiser and I would love to see many, if not all of you there. I want to see you all there because: -Metropolitan Council Chair Adam Duininck will be there and he is ~very~ dreamy. -The fundraiser is located in the central location of downtown Minneapolis with excellent access to LRT […] 2016 Fundraiser: Save the Date!

Hello community and friends! Since our humble beginnings in 2012, we’ve grown into an organization with over a hundred writers and thousands of readers across the state, region, and nation. Our mission has been to expand the conversation on land use and transportation issues in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota, and we hope […]

Another St. Paul Pedestrian Death: a Personal Statistic

It always starts with a phone call. Mine came when I was camping in the Everglades. It was 2009 and at 17 I was ignoring my mother’s phone call. After relentless ringing the phone was held up to my ear. “Your sister was hit by a car…and…she’s not going to make it.” My mother’s voice […]

A Look at St. Louis Park’s Form Based Code Efforts

Note: in case of annoyance with acronyms feel free to just stop reading, open a can of alphabet soup, and blindly arrange the noodles. Basically the same thing, right? So Jeremy, my token Young Republicans of Minnesota advocate and dear friend, brought it to my attention that the real impact of light rail investment (i.e. […]