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4/3/12 TPW Committee: Parking > Biking

Sorry I’m a bit late with the TPW Committee this cycle.  Actually it’s a good thing, because they had a special meeting on Thursday the 12th that I’ll cover below.  As always, if you’re curious, see the rest of this year’s summaries here. The big news in this TPW Committee is that Minneapolis is continuing […]

NE Ride, June 2nd

Northeast Ride: Cycling + Art = Community

With Spring in full bloom, I’m getting more and more excited about this summer’s group cycling rides. Metro Mag just released their “Best of” guide to communal bike rides happening in the Twin Cities over the next few months. What excites me most is the idea that many of these rides will serve as fun, […]

Cycletracks on Park and Portland: The Single Best Idea to Improve Minneapolis’ Streets

[Following on up Brendon’s call for ideas about Park and Portland, my suggestion for the best way to improve these streets!] Anyone who walks or bikes around the Twin Cities will have a head full of ideas about ways to improve the experience. These mental lists quickly grow long: a crosswalk here, a spot for […]

How well do regional parks agencies promote utilitarian cycling?

Take a look at the following three photos, and see if you can spot the similar theme. These are all photos of the trail along West River Parkway taken since the Fall of 2009 (click images to enlarge). The parkway is owned and maintained by the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB). Each of these […]

Road Rules

Sometimes, knowing the rules of the road can be a challenge. We’re a mobile culture but road-use laws change as you cross state lines. I was reminded that knowing where to cycle on a road can be a barrier to mode-shift efforts here in Minnesota while talking with my intern, Sean. To help puzzle out […]

The Public Acceptance Problem Facing Cycling

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the fate of Federal funding sources for biking and walking, specifically the potential elimination of the Transportation Enhancements and Safe Routes to Schools programs. National advocacy organizations like the League of American Bicyclists or People for Bikes are continually asking us to contact our elected officials to […]