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Chart of the Day – Southwest LRT Routing

The Kenilworth Corridor (3A) was selected as the Locally Preferred Alternative for Southwest Light Rail in 2009. During those discussions, national transportation blog The Transport Politic published three maps comparing the chosen 3A alignment with the 3C Alt 2 alignment which would have served Uptown and Whittier. The decision is far in the rearview mirror, […]

Chart of the Day – MSP International Destinations

Today’s chart of the day is a map of international destinations that can be reached from Minneapolis St Paul with a direct flight. This map was created by Nick P using Great Circle Mapper, and originally posted at UrbanMSP. As to the more important question: Why do [almost] all Canadian Airport identifiers start with Y.

Chart of the Day – Twin Cities Freeway Congestion

MnDOT publishes an annual congestion report, showing congestion on freeways in the greater Twin Cities area. MnDOT defines congestion as segments where speeds are below 45 MPH. N.B. The proximate supply-side cause of the congestion may be downstream bottlenecks, so this map is reflecting the effect, not necessarily the cause. The demand-side cause of the […]

Future Transit Map

Many of you have seen this Future Transit Map for the Twin Cities by Kyril Negoda, but it is still an admirable piece of work, putting to shame earlier official renderings, and deserving of mention. (Prints are available.) Cameron Booth, the arbiter of quality Transit Maps says: I’ve been following this project with interest for quite a […]

The President Streets

It’s map Monday. And of course, it’s also President’s Day. So here we have a detail from an 1885 map of Northeast Minneapolis that focuses on the President Streets. Most Minneapolitans know this neighborhood in Nordeast, where you can learn your presidents–and the order in which they were elected–by walking east on Broadway. The street […]