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Who doesn’t love a good tailgate?

“All of the concept drawings of the now-approved Vikings stadium proposal include large swaths of dedicated tailgating lots near the stadium. If Minneapolis builds these lots, the new facility will simply repeat the development mistakes of the area surrounding the Metrodome.” – Sam Rockwell at MinnPost Who doesn’t love a good tailgate? Back in the […]

The Limits of Pop-Up Urbanism

Over at my blog, I wrote today about some of the problems that both Minneapolis and St Paul have had in constructing bike infrastructure in over the past few years. In both cases (a cycle track and a bike boulevard), the city had drawn up a decent plan but had botched the implementation. Instead of […]

Do or do not, there is no plan

The local news sourceFinance and Commerce reports that The Metropolitan Council will consider spending more than $740,000 to study building a transitway linking the Hiawatha light rail line and the proposed Southwest line. Possible routes include Lake Street and the Midtown Greenway. This is the Midtown Greenway Streetcar. We know how this story ends. We […]

The 5 Stages of Development Grief

The following post is by guest writer Yasmine Robinson, a graduate student of urban planning who blogs at Student of the City. __ Growing up in Duluth, I was always excited to visit The City. Watching the skyline appear on the horizon from the back seat of the car was thrilling every time. As teenagers, […]

The problem with the problem of student housing

On the whole, universities are a great thing for cities. They’re like modern day factories. They generate many economic benefits, providing jobs, attracting young people, fostering “innovation”, and other  cultural linkages and synergies. Without its schools and universities (The U, Macalester, St. Thomas, Augsburg, St. Catherine’s, Metro State, and more) the Twin Cities would well […]

The Problem of Hiawatha Avenue

Hiawatha Avenue has been a thorn in the sides of south Minneapolis residents for years, and it has been the source of much discussion, including here on In a recent post called The Urban Future of Hiawatha Avenue, Sam described the corridor as follows: Hiawatha is a “Stroad,” in the words of Chuck Marohn. Marohn […]

Progress on Minnesota passenger rail projects, but funding is limited

For the past few years, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has been facilitating the Intercity Passenger Rail Forum, a monthly-scheduled meeting between policymakers at the state, city, and county levels plus various other organizations who are working on various projects to maintain existing passenger train service and add/restore other lines. Some meetings get canceled if […]

Minneapolis, the Venice of the Upper Midwest

Special to , April 1, 2012 The City of Minneapolis recently received Federal funding under the Advanced Quality Urban Waterways Initiative (New Starts) Retro-Transit program to investigate alternative scenarios for transforming city streets into canals. By revealing the underlying stream beds that have been paved over in more than 150 years of the city’s […]

Transit-oriented political developments

The session’s not quite over, but probably all the bills that will pass this year at the MN Legislature have been introduced.  I thought readers might be interested in those bills that affect the state’s transit landscape, so here is a bowdlerized version of a summary from my personal blog.  Warning: I am not […]

Reflections on Foshay

Framing Regional Development

I was asked to talk to the Metropolitan Council on April 4 about their “Regional Development Framework“. This is what I plan to say. The goal of the region’s planners, and of the city itself, is to Maximize Accessibility. Cities (metros) have one purpose: To reach more things in less time. These things include jobs, […]