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Podcast #90 – Talking West Saint Paul with City Council Candidate John Justen

Here’s new podcast for you discussing the opposite side of the Metro area from the previous episode. This week’s podcast is a conversation with John Justen, a father, small business owner, and resident of West Saint Paul who is running for city council in that suburban city of 20,000 on the north edge of Dakota County. John and I sat down at […]

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Podcast #88: James Warden on the Future of Hopkins

The podcast this week is a conversation with James Warden, who as well as writing many fine columns for this site, is running for City Council in Hopkins Minnesota. Warden is a former journalist and media analyst, a zoning and planning commissioner, and a big fan of good urban design. We sat down at the […]

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Podcast #87: Linda Feltes on Workplace Wellness

Here’s a podcast conversation with Linda Feltes, the workplace wellness coordinator for the state of Minnesota Office of Management and Budget. I first met Linda when we both testified in favor of the Saint Paul Bicycle Plan earlier this year, and so we met up later at Claddagh Coffee on West 7th Street. We sat down […]

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