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Podcast #15 – Talking Golden Valley Light Rail with Paula Pentel

This week’s podcast is a conversation with Paula Pentel, coordinator of the Urban Studies Program at the University of Minnesota, and a council member in the city of Golden Valley, a first ring suburb located just West of Minneapolis. We met in Paula’s office on the West Bank Campus of the University of Minnesota to talk […]

Podcast #14 – Bicycles and Equity along Franklin Avenue with Melody Hoffmann

The latest podcast is here! This week we have a conversation with Melody Hoffmann, a phd candidate in the Communication Studies department at the University of Minnesota. Melody is researching bicycling advocacy and gentrification issues in the US, in places like Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Portland Oregon. We met up at the Seward Pizzza Luce a […]

Podcast #13 – Development Challenges of East Lake Street with Sam Newberg

  This week’s podcast is a roundtable conversation about East Lake Street featuring Sam Newberg, one of our regular contributors. As part of his day job, Sam recently completed a study on development potential of the East Lake corridor, which runs from Hiawatha East to the Mississippi River. Sam, Spencer Agnew, Nate Hood and myself met […] Podcast #12 – Twin Cities v. Europe with Douglas Mack

In this episode, I sat down with Douglas Mack, a funny and brilliant  travel writer based in Minneapolis. His recent book, Europe on Five Wrong Turns a Day, is a tale of venturing through Europe using a guide book from 1963, and in our conversation, I chatted with Doug about his travels, particularly trying to […] Podcast #11 – Janne Flisrand Explains the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition

This episode is a conversation with Janne Flisrand about the state of bicycling in Minneapolis in general, and the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition in particular. Janne is a long-time bicycle advocate in Minneapolis and one of the key organizers with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition. I caught Janne, at her suggestion, during last week’s Park(ing) Day event, […] Podcast #10 – The Future of Student Housing with Andrew Hasek

The next podcast is here. Just in time for back-to-school classes, Nate Hood and I sat down and chatted with Andrew Hasek, who is a student organizer trying to fight the recently approved St Paul student housing ordinance. We met up at the Blue Door pub last week, early enough in the afternoon to […] Podcast #9 – The Death and Life of Passenger Rail with Mike Hicks

The next podcast is here! It’s an interview with our very own contributor, Mike Hicks. Mike also blogs about  rail transportation at Hi/Zeph/400, and he and met up a little while ago in downtown Minneapolis next to the old Milwaukee Road Depot. The train station is a hotel now, but that didn’t stop […] Podcast #8 – Charles Avenue Friendly Streets with Lars Christiansen

The next podcast is here! This episode is an interview with Lars Christiansen, one of the organizers of the Charles Avenue Friendly Streets Initiative. The Initiative was an attempt in St Paul to develop bottom-up strategies for designing streets that better serve the residents of the Frogtown and Hamline-Midway areas in St Paul, along […] Podcast #7 – Re-Opening Lake Street with Robert Lilligren

This week’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Minneapolis Councilmember Robert Lilligren, who represents the area aroudn Lake Street and Nicollet. A little while back, while working on a story for, our contributor Prescott Morril interviewed Lilligren about his project to un-do the terrible K-Mart development project from the 70s. I […]