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The Diminutive and the Colossal

July 11, 2015      12.05 miles      Highland Park, Summit-University (Summit Hill) The small house movement caught on in the late 1990s. It’s easy to understand, with the dramatic rise in housing prices. Even so, there’s been a steady surge in home size with the average U.S. home growing from 2,521 square feet in 2007 to about […]

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The Attack of the Hipster Tomatoes: Getting Real With Local Foods

Re-designing our cities to support local food production and healthy living has been a very popular topic of late, happening against a backdrop of grassroots efforts to create networks of growing, distribution and consumption.  It is interesting to watch this process unfold, seeing how farmers, advocates, and urban design professionals are envisioning and (sometimes) working […]

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Ideas: Let’s Reuse St. Paul Macy’s!

The sad, forlorn Macy’s in downtown St. Paul has announced its pending closure, having reached the end of its 10 year agreement to stay open. Mayor Chris Coleman says that the closing presents “tremendous opportunity.” We’re sure. The site is one of 4 downtown stops for the new Central Corridor light rail line. It’s also […]

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2012 Best Farmer’s Market: St. Paul Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market: Among the oldest forms of direct-to-consumer sales, these truly urban agoras bring the rural to the city, and exist all around the world in some form or another. They bridge the gap between city and country with commerce, and thus, it was inevitable we at would ask readers where their favorite […]

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Tree Coverage

Tree canopy and house size

I will take a controversial position: trees are good. Given the amount of needless tree destruction we see, I sometimes feel in a minority. The City recently took the elm in front of our house, diminishing our shade. It was nearing end of life, and I assume diseased or at risk of disease. They have […]

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