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When the humble bus stop is a little too humble

View Larger Map This is the busiest transit stop in the state of Minnesota, seeing about 4,300 boardings daily, though you’d never know it by looking. It’s on the south side of City Center on 7th Street and Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, and lacks most of the amenities you’d expect to find at a location […]

The Limits to Educational Campaigns

  The list of recent pedestrian fatalities is long: take the accident in Ramsey where an elderly couple was killed by a car, or the death of Cleo Thiberge St Paul. Partly in response to the wave of recent accidents, MN-Dot has launched a new pedestrian safety campaign. You’ve probably seen some of the cute billboards […]

MNDot Launches Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Years after the semi-successful Share the Road campaign for bikes, MNDot is launching a new edition — Share the Road Pedestrians. The new program has some pluses, and some head-shaking moments: Yay: MNDot asserts that “Pedestrians and motorists are equally responsible for pedestrian safety.” Boo: Site does not mention the cases in which a bicyclist […]

Notes on Walking about Harvard Square

The area around Harvard Square is livelier than Dinkytown or Stadium Village, even though the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, with some 52000 students is 2.5 times larger than Harvard with just over 21000 students. In part this is due to concentration, the U splits its adjoining retail into Dinkytown and Stadium Village plus West […]

Timing is everything – rated G

Bowdlerization helps focus this post on traffic signal programming, also posted on my blog in a more digressive version.  It was inspired by a column by CM Tuthill in the latest issue of Lowry Hill East’s neighborhood newspaper The Wedge, which has some great news about changes to signal timing at a couple key Uptown […]

Arbor Lakes – A pedestrian explores the suburbs.

On a date night with my wife, we recently visited Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove (Map below). Maple Grove is a suburban area northeast of the interchange of I-94/I-694 and I-494. The areas abutting the freeway are devoted to retail. Beyond that is housing. Much of the area used to be quarry, some of it […]