Imagine an Ayd Mill Linear Park

[…] group in Saint Paul’s Merriam Park, will be hosting an event on the corner of Summit Avenue and Syndicate Street. The event is titled “Imagine an Ayd Mill Linear Park.” There will be speakers, music, food and exhibits. It will be an opportunity for community members to look at what is currently known as […]

Pennsylvania Jackson Intersection After

Pennsylvania Avenue Revisited

With the news that the City of St. Paul will dedicate half of Ayd Mill Road as a dedicated bicycle / pedestrian path, it is time to revisit Pennsylvania Avenue, which is located just north of the Capitol campus and Regions Hospital. 
These two roads are similar in several ways

Speed Limit:

Ayd Mill speed limit […]

Stp Water Street

A Few Streets St. Paul Would Be Better Off Without

[…] carried away and create neighborhoods like Milwaukee Ave in Minneapolis, where the street was beautifully transformed into a pedestrian mall.
The most controversial example, of course, is Ayd Mill Road, which the city just committed over $3.5 million to temporarily repair. AMR has been covered extensively here, but I would add one observation: unlike almost […]

Three Half-Assed Freeways That Nobody Will Miss

[…] 38th, and 46th would be continuous again, and see large increases in foot-traffic. Quality of life in a large part of South Minneapolis would be improved.
Freeway: Ayd Mill Road

History: This is a long- controversial railroad trench running through Saint Paul. For years it was a little-used shortcut from the South-East suburbs to the western […]

Saint Paul Floats New Libertarian Paving Policy

[…] that can be used for other things like affordable housing or basic services.

First on the docket will be a major push to kickstart the long-troubled city-owned Ayd Mill Road, which has experienced so many potholes that it is close to undriveable. In the first stage of the new PILOT program, the 60s era freeway […]

Dionne Warwick 407x229

Don’t Run Us Over

[…] song “Don’t Make Me Over,” written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.
I may have been inspired by the version of “Old Town Road” about Saint Paul’s Ayd Mill Road by Bill Lindeke and others, but I wasn’t thinking about that when the alternate title for “Don’t Make Me Over” popped into my head a […]

Five New Saint Paul Bikeways

[…] via Concord Road, which has high-speed motor vehicle traffic and, in some places, narrow shoulders. This new trail makes the journey south infinitely safer and more pleasant.

Ayd Mill Trail

Image: Author

Finally, there’s the new Ayd Mill Trail. On November 7, the Ayd Mill Trail was officially opened with a speech by Mayor Melvin Carter, with […]

Rail-with-Trails of the Twin Cities

[…] won’t end up on the trail. Photo by author.

An eastern extension of the Midtown Greenway into St. Paul would connect to the recently opened trail along Ayd Mill Road, but the routing is open to speculation, as right-of-way constraints along the active rail line may require the trail to go along roads for certain […]

The Short Line Bridge and a Saint Paul Greenway Extension

[…] and emerge just north of it at Cleveland and Gilbert Avenues. It would then continue to Prior Avenue and follow the rail line southeast, down the Ayd Mill Corridor and connect with the I-35E trail, Jefferson Avenue, West 7th and downtown Saint Paul. Along the way, there could be excellent connections to the Midway […]