Three Complaints and Three Ideas for Minneapolis-St. Paul’s Future METRO System

It’s busy times for the Metro Transit system in the Twin Cities. Although the roadblocks seem endless, the Southwest Green Line light rail extension is agonizingly inching towards construction next year. The Bottineau Blue Line extension is seemingly on pace to start construction sometime a year or two after that. The Orange and Gold Line […]

Map Monday: Twin Cities Walkable Grocery Store Density

(Yes, I know it’s Tuesday… but you know, three day weekends and all that.) Here’s a map from a recent article by David Levinson, former board chair and Engineering professor at the University of Minnesota. The article examines the interesting intersection of walkability and continuity, how walkable urban nodes seem disconnected from each other in many cities. […]

Sunday Summary – September 20, 2015

Oh my, but it has been a lively week on After the late summer lassitude, writers have roared back with more meaty posts than we’ve seen in any single week for quite a while.  And, although we don’t try to set a theme, this week’s posts manage to cohere around American cultural icons […]

Sunday Summary – August 23, 2015

The first autumnal sort of days have arrived, leaves are beginning to turn and summer starting to end; our writers must be out enjoying the last bit of it this week.  Or maybe we were too busy getting together to converse and consider Questions and Results from Trivia #2.  Test your knowledge, but writing for […]

Sunday Summary – December 28, 2014

The last Sunday Summary of 2014 is short with only three posts this week.  In the end of the year tradition of summing things up, we can note that 2014 marked the beginning of the Sunday Summary feature (you can read the whole year on in weekly chunks here). In 2014, also tried to […]

Northfield Wins the Silver Medal

We’re number 2! Northfield ranked second on’s Top 10 list of Most Livable Small Cities (the top spot went to Los Alamos, NM).  It’s fun to win something unexpectedly and gratifying to have an unexpected voice tell the world what a great town Northfield is. Add the additional media coverage around the region spawned […]

Sunday Summary – August 24, 2014

Here’s everything from this week sorted and summarized: Important ideas, political edition:  Seeing Minneapolis with the NCSL Bipartisan Bike Ride took state legislators for a ride.  Let’s hope the bikes-eye view of Minneapolis cycle infrastructure sparks interest in building better bike infrastructure (and appropriating sufficient funds to do it).  Writing your state legislators to follow-up […]

Northfield MN


Northfield, Minnesota, possessing some 20,000 people about a 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities, is a small town that has it all together. But for a fabulous playground, Northfield even has it over Stillwater in the battle of the nearby Main Streets, despite it not winning the Streets.MN poll in 2012. My photos are […]

50th and France

50th and France is a small shopping district on the border of Minneapolis and Edina. It is characterized by two-story buildings with ground-floor retail. The retail is a mix of local-serving shops, restaurants, and movie theaters and more regional destinations like Sur-La-Table. It was a Streetcar stop back in the day, and has long been […]

Regent Street, London

In a West End town, a dead end world

When I first heard about the new development called the Shops at West End (WE), the Pet Shop Boys played in my head. My vision of The West End came from London, roughly the area between Piccadilly Circus and Charing Cross. They are not similarly located, London’s version is substantially closer to the City (2.2 […]