Map Monday: Working vs. Creative Class Chicago

[…] surrounding the creative class. The “blue-collar working class” (factory, manufacturing jobs) has been decimated, and what remains has been relegated to the least desirable places in cities.

I’m not that sold on this categorization schema, as I find the ‘creative class’ narrative a bit too broad for my taste, but these maps of different cities […]

Street Parking


time for change sign

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Chasin’ the Train

[…] contemplating your misery.
Fear of just missing the bus is what I call “transit paranoia,” and in most places at most times it’s entirely justified. Of course that’s not what happened on Halloween. The next Green Line train came in just 12 minutes, which is pretty decent service for 12:30 on a Saturday morning.  As […]


Gentrification in Minneapolis. Source:

Green Line



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Woman waiting for light rail

Commuter Conundrum: Packing for a Long Day at Work

I need to get something off my back: I am not skilled at packing light for my day at work. Lately I feel like I’m hauling Cheryl Strayed’s “Monster” around with me. It’s getting heavy.
Everything but the kitchen sink
I leave for work around 6 AM and return around 5 PM. In an effort to save money, I bring […]