Route 22 New Signage, Called for by Gets Results

This post is authored by various writers. Please donate to for the “streets to the max” day! Thank you for your support. Cities are subject to the observer effect, the observer cannot observe the city without changing it. So, as we approach our 4th Birthday, what have posts on done to change the […]

What if We Upzoned All of Minneapolis Tomorrow?

You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Thought Experiment Zone! A few months back I made the case that Minneapolis’ zoning code keeps us from building the type small-scale infill most people say they want (I’m […]

A Primer on “Density”

The “D word.” It makes for a great pickup line, but that’s (sadly) not how most people use it. There are likely many blogs and articles written on population density and its complex relationship with transportation energy use, economic growth, how smart you are, etc. I’m not here to discuss those; I’m aware that many readers […]

Free Idea: Developers, Just Always Propose More Than You Actually Want

Hello, capitalists. Good to see you here, I guess. My little brother and also the economy says things are going well for you. I’m doing okay. People used to work in factories screwing caps onto bottles of toothpaste, I hear, so pushing pixels seems easier and less dangerous than, say, being a longshoreman or coal […]

Hilarious faux television promotion featuring large gathering of hipsters on a street corner.

TV’s “Real Renters of Minneapolis” to Debut in 2016

A local production company has completed casting for “The Real Renters of Minneapolis,” which promises viewers a look at the conflict that arises “when people stop living in houses, and start living on top of each other.” The show will be set in The Wedge neighborhood of Minneapolis, the heart of recent battles over development. Filming will coincide […]

map of rent burden

Reduce Affordable Housing Need in Three Steps

This is part 3 of a series on the interaction between the rental housing market and rents. Read part 1, “How I Set Apartment Rents,” and part 2, “Housing Markets? Humbug!“ I’ve dedicated the last 15 years of my life working on affordable housing policy. Mostly, I’ve worked where some sort of subsidy helps make it (more) affordable. In […]

chart of mpls vacancy rates

Housing Markets? Humbug!

This is part 2 of a series on the interaction between the rental housing market and rents. Read part 1, “How I Set Apartment Rents.”  Housing markets are complex, and here I attempt to explain how there can be a broad market trend and submarkets bucking that trend. I’m also going to imagine what might happen on a […]

The Barriers to Small Scale Infill Development

It was a sunny, if a bit windy, Saturday afternoon. My wife, mother in-law, and Ergo’d baby were finishing up a relaxing walk along Humboldt Avenue and I noticed a house had been recently renovated. It struck me because my wife and I had toured this exact house about a year ago. 3330 Humboldt Ave. […]

Sunday Summary – February 15, 2015

Here’s the week’s news beautifully gift boxed like yesterday’s Valentines candy.  You can select only your favorite chocolate covered cherries or sample each and every morsel. assumes no liability for your choice of what you thought was the caramel but turned out to be the fruit cream. North By Midwest is a long post starting from […]

Minneapolis’ Vacant Buildings: Historic Edition

In a previous post on my own blog, I mapped out properties in Minneapolis that were listed in the property records database as having been built before 1900. This was to get a sense of where older properties are and how many there are. It was also in response to a bout of local hand-wringing […]