“I’m Not Opposed To Development”

[…] gotten the wrong impression. Luckily, they have a chance to prove the doubters wrong. We’ve got a new project, with a familiar address, coming to the Wedge. 2320 Colfax is slated for months of meetings, special meetings, emergency meetings, reams of anonymous flyers distributed house-to-house, and perhaps a neighborhood vote or two. Or maybe this […]

chart of mpls vacancy rates

Housing Markets? Humbug!

[…] Very Particular Hypothetical I want to explore how a particular project might affect a micro-market – say, one block. I bike and walk the block hosting the famed 2320 Colfax project. What will that mean for rents on that block? To repeat, no single building is going to affect the housing market as a whole. Only many, […]


Wedge Club™ v. City Council in a Battle for Legitimacy

2320 Colfax vigil: Neighborhood residents and local figures at a candlelight vigil on April 22, 2014. (Photo) Last week, the Star Tribune published an article explaining the frustration experienced by developers in trying to navigate the neighborhood approval process, citing the need for “extensive haggling” with neighborhood groups. This is understandable considering there […]

A History of Downzoning

[…] candidate bios. The boarding house nostalgia we’ve seen expressed in recent years, primarily as a product of the debate over the fate of the boarding house at 2320 Colfax, came as a shock to anyone familiar with LHENA history; when the group’s board of directors took up the issue of 2320 Colfax in 1992, […]

Chart of the Day: Doing the Math on Transit Incentives

[…] no real reason for existing in that they don’t really visually articulate numerical concepts. Basically, if a chart is 3D, you can assume it doesn’t need to exist. CM Glidden’s Thoughts on 2320 Colfax Advocating for Good Urbanism at City Hall: 2320 Colfax Preserving Despair at 24th and Colfax “I’m Not Opposed To Development” TransitIncentiveSpacingvsBusStopSpacing

Sunday Summary – May 11, 2014

[…] Streets, too). Continuing themes and series:  A new addition to the Historyapolis Project (earlier posts here): The Latest from Historyapolis: Why Sewers are Great.  CM Glidden’s Thoughts on 2320 Colfax is a detailed response from 8th Ward Council representative Elizabeth Glidden about the decision to demolish 2320 Colfax (see earlier posts + discussion on streets.mn from […]

Sunday Summary – April 20, 2014

[…] interests of urban voters when it comes to transportation, environmental issues, housing, and more?  Check the cartoon for the answer.  Advocating for Good Urbanism at City Hall: 2320 Colfax continues the story of the property at 2320 Colfax begun a few weeks ago on streets.mn as the application for demolition of an historic resource was […]

The state of Minnesota and the state of California are shown, with a "not equal to" sign between them.

Minnesota Is Not California

[…] to constructing one additional building like this one every year. (Credit: Lander Group) These numbers are not nothing. Together, they are roughly equivalent to a single extra 2320 Colfax per year. Which, again — is great! Over 500 households are housed in these ADUs and small multifamily buildings. Many of these units would not […]

Rents Dropping in Minneapolis: Behind the Article with Janne Flisrand

[…] of a building. When the market has much more flexibility. So, I think about a new building that’s a couple of blocks away from my building, at 2320 Colfax, and I can’t compete with 2320 Colfax for tenants. The people who want to live there, the people who want to live in my house […]

Preserve The Future, Not Just The Past

[…] rail station where there would be demand for that type of development. This type of chicanery has abundant precedent. Most famously in Minneapolis, an old house at 2320 Colfax Ave that had been built by a prolific local builder became the subject of an epic multi-year battle in which neighbors sought to use the […]