Metro Transit's stop at Penn & West Broadway at the Bottineau stop

Rerouting the Bottineau Blue Line

[…] Olson Highway to access the existing line.

What about speed?

Based on existing LRT station-to-station timings, 2 minutes in most cases, I estimate that a trip on the original Bottineau alignment from Hennepin Avenue to Brooklyn Park would be 25 minutes. That assumes plenty of 55 mph running, interrupted only by 8 traffic signals on Olson […]

Can We Kill Two Birds with One Stone when it Comes to Light Rail Planning?

[…] controversy about the Southwest Corridor alignment (especially its rising construction costs), a question could be is why don’t we merge the Southwest Line project with the planned Bottineau Line project?
Matt Steele’s post from last month has some great ideas on improving our light rail system, but I have another idea similar to this. We […]

Once in a Lifetime: A Fantasy Transit Adventure

It’s extremely unfortunate when parties break previous agreements and derail transit projects, as is the case for the Blue Line Extension, aka the Bottineau Line. Since we’re going back to the drawing board, I am hopeful that the collective “we” can begin to right previous wrongs and finally create good transit that will serve […]

The Blue Line Extension in Limbo

After decades of planning, Southwest LRT (the Green Line Extension) is finally under construction. Unfortunately the news is not so good for the Bottineau Corridor (the Blue Line Extension). Between Minneapolis (specifically just west of Olson Memorial Highway & Penn Avenue) and Brooklyn Park (specifically just north of I-94) the Blue Line Extension would […]

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A History of Highway 100 Part Two: The Parks of Lilac Way

[…] Here’s a detailed look at all the parks, from north to south.
Map of the parks of lilac way
Lions Park
Located in the northeast corner of what is now Bottineau Blvd, this wasn’t part of the original Lilac Way landscaping. It was very large (10.75 acres) but never really developed since the beginning plans were to […]

Podcast #15 – Talking Golden Valley Light Rail with Paula Pentel

[…] involving corporate campuses, tax sharing policies, and suburban infill projects. Above all, Golden Valley is in the midst of a heated urban planning debate over the proposed Bottineau Light Rail project, which would run NorthWest from downtown Minneapolis. The current debate is over which route the rail line should take, either through North Minneapolis, […]

Metro Transit Service Improvement Plan Comment Window Ends November 30th

The map of the draft Service Improvement Plan
Amid all the clamor over the Southwest LRT, and the high profile planning for Bottineau LRT and various BRT projects, a big transit system game changer has been quietly progressing under the radar. It’s Metro Transit’s Service Improvement Plan.
For decades the funding for bus service improvements has been stagnant, sometimes […]