Stockholm’s Steep Climb to Double Cycling Mode Share

The EU BICI series moves to Northern Europe; Stockholm this week. Previous posts include Seville (Spain), Bologna, Ferrara, Padova (Italy), Berlin , Munich (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), and Cambridge (U.K.). The cycling environment of Stockholm—the self-proclaimed “Capital of Scandinavia”—endures incessant questions about how it cannot achieve Copenhagen-like status. Quick responses point to the barriers provided by the 14 major islands (more bridges, bottlenecks, and pinch points). Others point to how […]

Padova’s (Italy) Cycling Potential

Below is the next entry in the EU BICI series which includes: Seville (Spain), Bologna, Ferrara (Italy), Berlin , Munich (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), and Cambridge (U.K.). There is reason to believe that Padova—a town with more than 200,000 people in the Veneto region in the north of Italy—is capable of becoming one of the country’s best cycling towns. Some places in Italy stand out in one dimension of a […]

Sunday Summary – June 1, 2014

It was a comparatively light week here on for this summery Summary, but here’s what matters this week: Practical matters: MOVE BACK: A Casual Guide to Regular Bus Usage is one of those posts which might seem too obvious to be written by the folks who already know how to ride the bus, but very […]

Bologna’s Cycling Struggles and the Potential to Export Its Intimacy

The 2014 EU BICI series includes: Seville (Spain), Ferrara (Italy), Berlin , Munich (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), and Cambridge (U.K.). My adopted home-town for the past year, Bologna, has essential ingredients for a world-class cycling success story; it has: a big university[1], flat topography[2], good enough cycling weather for ~9 months of the year[3], the right size for most everything to be within a few […]

Sunday Summary – May 25, 2014 has a new Events Calendar for upcoming land use and transportation happenings such as presentations on particular projects, interesting speakers, open streets events and more. You can submit upcoming events, too. In the News Department: In case you missed it, the Super Bowl will be coming to Minneapolis in 2018.  Less well-publicized than the winning […]

Cycling Tradition Dominates in Cambridge (UK)

Joining Seville (Spain), Ferrara (Italy), Berlin , Munich (Germany), and Zurich (Switzerland),  the 2014 EU BICI turns to England this week; the post benefits from reactions of Eva Heinen, a past collaborator on bicycling research, a transport scientist at the Center for Diet and Activity Research at the University of Cambridge, and now a Cambridge resident. There is one place in the United Kingdom […]

Cycling’s Stiff Competition in Zurich (Switzerland)

The 2014 EU BICI series is available for Seville (Spain), Ferrara (Italy), Berlin and Munich (Germany); this week’s edition on Zurich recruits insights from Thomas Götschi (Zurich resident and past research collaborator) as a co-author The transport scene is Switzerland’s largest metropolitan area is admirable—almost two-thirds of trips are by non-auto. A mere ~4% of these trips, however, are by bike. A […]

Munching on Munich’s Climb to Cycling Prowess

The 2014 EU BICI series is available for Seville (Spain), Ferrara (Italy), and Berlin (Germany). You don’t need to be in Munich long before you hear of the Champion’s League of Europe and Munich’s football (soccer) prowess—5 time champion (and 5 time runner up) of the most prestigious competition in European football. Apparently, the Champion’s league apparently also to […]

Bicycling Bonanza in Berlin (Germany)

Prior posts from the 2014 EU BICI are available for Seville (Spain) and Ferrara (Italy). Wide roads and dispersed development; a tradition rich in fast driving cars and a population cobbled from several cultures—these are not elements one associates with a city that generates 1.5 million cycling trips per day[1]. But for Berlin, these ingredients […]

Sunday Summary – March 23, 2014

Now that it is really, or at least officially, Spring, writers have been busy this week.  Fewer charts, but more longer posts.  The Big Theme this week is: the ways we frame issues and positions matters (or, it’s not “just rhetorical”) Hot button issues: Development politics and policy:  What if Minneapolis Enacted a Moratorium […]