What to Expect at Monday’s Bottleneck Meeting

The next Hennepin/Lyndale Reconstruction Project Public Open House is Monday, Aug. 4th at 6:30 p.m. in the Skyline Room, Walker Art Center.    Maybe we can’t expect the intersection of our dreams yet (mine: Turn Don’t Merge) in the Hennepin/Lyndale Reconstruction  project, but there are a few key elements that neighbors must insist on seeing […]

The Enormity of the Hennepin/Lyndale Spaghetti Bowl

There are a lot of ways to subsidize a thing. We subsidize homeownership with tax breaks. We subsidize corn production with price floors. We subsidize highway driving by transferring billions of dollars a year from the general fund to the foundering Highway Trust Fund. Whether or not you agree with these policies, they’re visible and […]

Walk This Way: Lyndale Avenue

[…] adventures using #LyndaleWalk. Walk stats Distance: 20.2 miles Elapsed time: 7:21:41 Moving time: 5:41:32 Average pace: 16:52/mile FitBit step total for the day: 45,012 steps The route After reading A midday escape on Lyndale Avenue in the Southwest Journal last year, I decided I wanted to walk the entire length of the major thoroughfare as one of my local walking […]

Hennepin Crossing Mpls

Prioritize People on East Hennepin, Not Cars

[…] or worse these are: put in a stoplight, or put in stop signs. For example, local business representatives recently called for a stoplight on every block of Lyndale Ave S after Ted Ferrara was killed by a driver while crossing Lyndale. In my neighborhood, the situation is no different. The Marcy-Holmes and Beltrami neighborhood […]

Safety on Lyndale Avenue is Long Overdue

Photo of a recent Lyndale Avenue demonstration by Tony Webster. On October 12th, Ted Ferrara was killed when he was struck by a car while walking across Lyndale Ave at 25th St in my neighborhood. I send condolences to his friends and loved ones. This a tragic event our community has long feared, and […]

Hennepin Avenue Survey Results: Part 1

[…] activity created by the passers-by. Often in these stories, the high volume of people was related to the absence or low volume and slow pace of cars. “ Lyndale Avenue during Open Streets. I enjoyed the communal feel of bikers, walkers, strollers, trikers meandering past the homes and businesses along the street without the irritation […]