Open Streets – Minnehaha, and some further comments on the Blue Line and environs

I went with my family to attend Longfellow neighborhood’s Open Streets on Minnehaha on Sunday August 11, 2013. I hadn’t been to an “Open Streets” before, though I had been to various events where streets were closed, and this was like that, but more spacious and far more bikey.

We drove to near the northern […]

You’re Invited — 2021 Annual Picnic at Minnehaha Park, 9/11, 12:30-2

It’s been way too long since we had a picnic! You’re invited to Minnehaha Park (Wabun Picnic Area E, under the big oaks) on Saturday 9/11 for a picnic. 

Come to discuss the matters of the day: the election, public space, COVID, climate change, the end of parking minimums, new housing and development around […]


Finally, the ability to enjoy Minnehaha Falls from the comfort of a skyway.

Franklin Minnehaha Hiawatha

Five lanes of speeding traffic coming off Minnehaha and Hiawatha Avenues, courtesy Bill Lindeke


Minnehaha Parkway

Redesigning the Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha Intersection

Existing intersection of Franklin Ave, Cedar Ave, and Minnehaha Ave
If you have ever traveled through the intersection of Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha, you know how confusing, wide, fast, and unfriendly it feels. With the second-most bicycle crashes, this is the second-most dangerous intersection in Minneapolis. It’s also one of the most dangerous intersections in Hennepin County, with […]

New curb being installed

Progress at Cedar/Franklin/Minnehaha

[…] members, county and city staff to influence that plan to better serve people biking and walking.
Here are some great things that are included in the final plan:

Closing Minnehaha Avenue north of Franklin Avenue

Removing the traffic signal at Franklin and Minnehaha avenues

Creating a southbound left turn lane from Cedar Avenue to East 22nd Street

Aligning bike […]

2013 Best Way to Spend A Weekend Day With Kids: Minnehaha Falls

[…] great outdoors for these moments, and chose the option offering wide open spaces, playgrounds, a dangerous water feature, and a source of both beer and ice cream: Minnehaha Falls. It edged out the ever-popular Como Zoo & Como Town, which offers almost all of the above, save the beer. Both completely clobbered indoor facilities […]

Squaring a Triangle: Rethinking Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha in Seward

[…] Blue Line currently is). This caused Cedar Avenue to be relocated east of its old alignment, resulting in the triangle that exists today between Franklin, Cedar, and Minnehaha and focusing a lot of traffic into a relatively small jumble of intersections.
An idea posted on UrbanMSP by “Eluko” a couple of years ago suggested a […]