A trolley in Fort Worth

That’s Transportainment

[…] occasional interaction with the link or mode. In this sense, they are viewing the facility the way a tourist might, rather than an everyday user. Fort Worth Pedal Pub We posit the decision-makers’ (or anyone’s) view of the transportation modes, links, and vehicles that they don’t use is much as yours is at the amusement park […]

Sunday Summary – May 31, 2015

[…] dogs, runners, and bicycles must move in close proximity) as we move to the crowded summer season. Story of the Century: Hipster Cyclists vs. Suburban Cops in Pedal Pub Melee is a light-hearted look at the recent “attack” on a Pedal Pub in Minneapolis involving cyclists with water balloons and, unfortunately for them, off-duty Burnsville police […]

The Marshall Plan

[…] Plaza. This rock bares the word ‘kind.’ Another rock in the Plaza memorializes St. Paul Police detective Allan George Lee. The end of the line for this Pedal Pub run. I wonder how these folks got home? The original building of the former St. Joseph’s Academy, now Christ’s Household of Faith. The Sisters of St. […]

The Surprising Urban Geography of Pokemon Go

[…] suburban sprawl. You’ll never catch a Pokemon in a gated community.11 Don’t hate on Pokemon Go, but PLEASE GOD Don’t PoGo and Drive! Here’s the takeaway. Like pedal pubs and segways, Pokemon Go can be a convenient scapegoat for cultural criticism. The millennial phone zombies walking around Victory Memorial Drive on Minneapolis’ Northern border […]

Sunday Summary – June 4, 2017

[…] trip: “The Traveling Tap is one of those beer bikes that Minnesotans love to hate. I myself was a card carrying member of the “I hate the Pedal Pub” Facebook group for some time.  No longer. Never has a finer vehicle been created than the Bar Bicycle. An elegant mix of comfort and a blatant […]

The Soccer Stadium Should Pay Taxes

[…] them? We have to tax things we like. If we don’t, we’ll be in the sticky situation of balancing the budget on the taxes levied solely on pedal pubs and vape shops. A lot of research shows that stadium subsidies are bad investments. As streets.mn writer Nate Hood says, downtowns are good for stadiums, but stadiums […]

Boring Public a Culprit in Loss of Treasured Businesses

[…] to Live in America by Money Magazine. I want to say I’ve been there four times since being of legal drinking age, but one trip was a Pedal Pub stop, so we’ll say “annually.” From perusing the Facebook and unfortunately having a Twitter and hearing and seeing lots of miscellaneous commentary about this, many opinions […]

Sunday Summary – January 24, 2016

[…] a valuable public service in the latest “We Read the Comments” installment We Read the Speed Limit Comments So You Don’t Have To (she read the parking meter and pedal pub comments, too); streets.mn commenters discuss the comments and the information not provided by the Strib story.  Julie followed up by explaining in How To Frame the Urban […]