Stp Skyway Chairs

The St. Paul Skyway: Public Space or Scrutinized Lobby?

by Luke Sageser
Take a walk through the skyways at noon on a weekday, and you get the impression that you have stumbled into a hybridization of a mall, an apartment complex, and the waiting area of your local bank. The crowds hum as people criss-cross building complexes, making their way to food courts and […]

Is it Time to Remove Those Pesky Skyways?

[…] was in town for an Urban Land Institute presentation. He noted downtown Minneapolis was “no longer up to the beat” of other world-class winter cities, blaming the skyways for striking a “defensive posture” against nature. Save for perhaps one bitter cold winter week per year, I couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t make sense to […]

Podcast #100 – Skyways and Streetlife with Eric Dayton

[…] so much for listening.

Q: What is the “skyway avoidance society”?
We call it the skyway avoidance society. It’s something we kicked off through Askov-Finlayson. I’ve been aware of the skyways and the dynamics downtown since probably about 2005. I worked for Target at their downtown headquarters for a couple of years after college. I don’t know […]

Skyway Connections on Nicollet Mall

[…] back into the system. It was pretty cool.
Obviously, someone would need to pay for these signs. I suspect that the Des Moines skywalks are city-owned, like the skyways in St. Paul, so the city most likely pays for them. Since the skyways in Minneapolis are privately owned, it would maybe make more sense for […]

A Winter Stroll Downtown

Those Skyways Won’t Go Down Without a Fight

While my post on this website suggesting that we gradually remove the skyways from downtown Minneapolis over a 50-year timeline got a couple compliments and a rebuke by our own David Levinson, it was also picked up by the Star Tribune. In that piece, Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak was quoted as saying “I don’t […]

On Skyways And Busways

[…] on far too long. Regarding both issues, Dayton worries about the effect they could have on the future of the downtown “business community” in Minneapolis. For Dayton, the skyways are bad for public safety and for business because they siphon off the human vitality from our streets.
I am mostly of the same mind regarding the […]

Skyways: What Lies Beneath

As it says (down there) in my bio, I’m a pretty regular user of Minneapolis skyways, especially in any form of inclement weather. Nonetheless, some days, especially this time of year, are not quite cold or inclement enough to make me want to retreat entirely indoors, but still chilly enough to make an entirely outdoor walking […]

St. Paul’s Skyway Pigeon Rookery

Each year my wife and I attend the American Craft Council show at St. Paul RiverCentre, this year on April 8. The level of artistry and skill is breathtaking. I highly recommend it, but that’s not the reason for this post. Each year we park in the Kellogg Blvd. ramp and walk across the skyway, […]

Streets_empty skyway

A skyway sits empty in downtown Minneapolis last March. Photo courtesy of Chris Juhn for MPR News