Trimming Southwest Light Rail

[…] recent cost estimate, Metro Transit staff has offered up a menu of options to trim $341 million from the cost of the Green Line Extension in the Southwest Corridor to keep the budget at $1.653 billion. The options were evaluated against these criteria: Follow SWLRT Design Criteria, including criteria for safety & security Positively […]

Rails to Trails…to Rails

[…] our newest additions may be gone before they ever get the chance to become part of the fabric of this city.  Two proposed light rail projects, the Southwest Transitway and the Bottinneau Transitway, and a proposed Midtown Greenway streetcar intend to build on land currently devoted to scenic trails and parkland. Like many midwestern […]

Rail-with-Trails of the Twin Cities

[…] through the next few decades rail traffic on this route declined. The area in which this trail now runs had two rail yards: Kenwood Yard in the southwest corner of the Kenwood neighborhood (between the Cedar Lake Channel and 21st Street), and Cedar Lake Yard in the northeast corner of the Kenwood neighborhood, both […]

A rail identity crisis in Minneapolis

Map of the proposed Hiawatha, Central, Southwest, and Bottineau lines and stations planned for the city of Minneapolis. This is what the region’s planned lightrail system looks like if you cut it off at the city limits of Minneapolis. It includes the Hiawatha, Central, Southwest, and Bottineau lines. While the first two largely stick […]

Southwest LRT: Triage Now, Rehabilitation Later

[…] nothing is clear when it comes to figuring out how freight rail, bike trails, neighborhoods, and our Chain of Lakes can exist in harmony with the planned Southwest Light Rail line. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has remotely followed the development of this line over the past decade. As the planning process […]

Sunday Summary – May 3, 2015

Here’s the week’s posts from read, digested, sorted and summarized for your reading convenience.  This week news of the Southwest Light Rail cost increases seize writers’ attention as well as much attention to some biking and walking issues, along with the usual roundup of charts, maps and videos. Southwest Light Rail Headlines this week about […]

Could High Speed Rail Be an Alternative to Air?

Just as obituaries were being written for Southwest Light Rail, a recent piece on NPR about the stubbornly high cost of international air travel caught my ear. Earlier reports blamed the airlines for being locked into higher-priced fuel contracts and therefore being unable to reap the benefits of more recent lower fuel prices. However, this piece included a snippet from George […]

Chart of the Day – Southwest LRT Routing

The Kenilworth Corridor (3A) was selected as the Locally Preferred Alternative for Southwest Light Rail in 2009. During those discussions, national transportation blog The Transport Politic published three maps comparing the chosen 3A alignment with the 3C Alt 2 alignment which would have served Uptown and Whittier. The decision is far in the rearview mirror, but […]

Strangulation on the Green Line

[…] provide a vital regional transit trunk line between our two major cities. If anything, the Green Line presents a distorted model that encourages some to clamor for Southwest Corridor LRT service in Uptown without demanding tunneling or elevation of the line so as to preserve rapid transit train function in a dense area. A […]