Saint Paul Hits the Streetcar Sweetspot

[…] Transportation Committee, and it’s been interesting to watch the process go through its planning stages. Though they can be quite controversial, I’m on the record as supporting streetcars because of the many ways they increase ride quality, and because they can be a “game changer” for how a street is experienced at the street […]

Do Streetcars Promote Economic Development?

[…] more valuable.

We have no evidence that streetcars, of themselves, promote economic development in the context of present-day US cities. That is, there is no case where modern streetcars were built, nothing else was done by the public sector (no road reconstruction, no public subsidies for development, no change in development regulations), and the level […]

Minneapolis Should Skip Streetcars

Streetcars: They’re hot right now. However, in Minneapolis, in 2014, in the places they are proposed, they are also probably not a good idea. Or at least, they are certainly not a good use of hundreds of millions of dollars in transit funding that’s already too scarce and ill-budgeted. Will Not Improve Mobility The specifics […]

Complete the Cincinnati Streetcar

[…] Market, the streetcar will serve numerous destinations in a wonderfully revived section of the city.
True, like many modes of transportation, it is hard to measure the economic benefit streetcars provide. One could argue that this urban revitalization is already occurring – why add a streetcar? Frankly, I’d argue the opposite – that a streetcar (a permanent one running […]

Tracing the UMN’s Inter-Campus streetcar line

[…] the small suburb of Lauderdale. From there, track was laid in an exclusive right-of-way which ran just north of Folwell Avenue to reach the campus. Streetcars ran along the south edge of the agricultural test fields before curving around the east side of campus and ending up near today’s St. Paul Student […]

Map of the Day: Historic Streetcar Grid vs. Current Density

This isn’t a chart, but it’s a great map that the folks over at MN2020 put together, juxtaposing the historic streetcar grid against current densities. (It’s worth remembering that historic 1950 densities in Minneapolis and Saint Paul were far higher than is reflected here. Much of the dense housing was bulldozed, and current household sizes have […]

Call for Nominations: Category 2: 2013 Best Neighborhood Business Node

Category 2: Best Neighborhood Business Node.     Once we had a streetcar, we made it run, made it race against time. Once we had a streetcar; now it’s done. Brother, can you spare a dime? Once we built some neighborhoods nodes, on the corners of streetcar lines; Once we built these shops, they’re not […]

LA streetcar

LA streetcar