Chart of the Day: Average US Fuel Economy since 1975

Here’s a chart that appears in a (less-than-groundbreaking) discussion about peak vehicle miles traveled, showing average US fuel economy since the 1970s. According to the page (Peak Oil News): The graph also shows that, with the second oil crisis, mileage restarted to increase, but by far not as fast as in the 1970s. There is […]

Vehicle Miles Traveled in Minnesota; 2003-2012 (in billions)

Chart of the Day – VMT

Today’s Chart of the Day shows trends in Vehicle Miles Traveled in Minnesota Source: MnDOT  Annual Transportation Performance Report 2012

Sunday Summary – June 7, 2015

School’s out! Mosquitoes are out! It must be summer in Minnesota! This week Minneapolis made its first appearance as the first US city in the Copenhagenize Index with the note “America – often content with baby steps – is in desperate need of leadership cities and Minneapolis has emerged as a contender” and closer to home […]

A highway with a traffic light for left turns.

Highway 280: Put It Back the Way It Was

Highway 280 was transformed into a freeway in the wake of the I-35W bridge collapse in 2007. Now MnDOT is making it bigger and faster, even though the reason for the upgrade has long since disappeared.

It’s Past Time for Minneapolis to Act. Let’s Start with Design Option 1 on Hennepin.

This article is based on a co-presentation by Elissa Schufman and Abigail Johnson to the Transportation & Public Works Committee of Minneapolis City Council on March 31, 2021. We have to transform our streets to live out commitments to racial justice, to economic justice, to accessibility—and to meet our climate commitments, we have to do it […]