Mpls Ice Cream Shop

Walking All the Streets of Southwestern Longfellow

I already remarked that the Longfellow neighborhood is diverse, encompassing residences and industry, art and history, churches and schools, food and drink, and much else—signs on utility poles, for instance. So it came as no surprise that I saw some of those same elements south of Lake Street too. But diversity being what it is, this walk […]

7th St Proposal and AADT

7th Street Bikeway in Downtown St. Paul

Recently, Bill Lindeke pointed out how the downtown portion of the Saint Paul Bike Plan is lacking. He gave ideas about how to implement the Capital City Bikeway, which is and of itself a really good plan. However, once completed the CCB would still not cover downtown adequately. Specifically, the plan lacks an “east-west” route […]

Triangle Intersection Minneapolis

Walking All the Streets of Western Jordan

The Jordan neighborhood in Minneapolis’s Near North community forms a herniated right triangle thanks to the role of West Broadway Avenue as its southwestern border. In the route map, the light blue tint indicates the full extent of the neighborhood. My first day’s walk was restricted to the western tip of the triangle. The darker […]

Minneapolis Grain Elevator

Walking All the Streets of Northwestern Howe

Industry and arts, community and commerce were again much in evidence in the Howe neighborhood—and signs of spring, even more pronounced that on my first visit five days earlier. Having stayed south of 38th Street East on that prior visit, I did the reverse this time. To keep the walk manageable, I took 36th Avenue South as […]

Howe1 06

Walking All the Streets of Southwestern Howe

Like the Hiawatha neighborhood to its south, the Howe neighborhood ranges from rail-side grain elevators on the west to the Mississippi River gorge on the east. As shown by the blue tint in the route map, from north to south it spans from 34th to 40th Street East. My route for the first day started and ended […]

Walking All the Streets of Western Holland

The Holland neighborhood is centrally located within Northeast Minneapolis. Indeed, of 13 neighborhoods in Northeast, Holland and Logan Park are the only two that are surrounded entirely by other Northeast neighborhoods. As shown by the blue tint in the route map, its western, northern, and eastern borders are University, 27th, and Central Avenues, and its […]

South Minneapolis House And Grain Elevator

Walking All the Streets of Northwestern Hiawatha

The Hiawatha neighborhood is part of the Longfellow Community, a natural fit given their names. As I described when walking around Lake Hiawatha, the Hiawatha name comes from Longfellow’s imaginary Indian, part of a broader “Cult of Hiawatha” that pervades this part of the city. (Oddly enough, Lake Hiawatha is not in the Hiawatha neighborhood nor even […]

North Minneapolis Street Shops

Walking All the Streets of Western Hawthorne

Farview Park is the central feature of Minneapolis’s Hawthorne neighborhood, and fittingly enough, I visited it on all three days’ walks. On the first day, I cut through its northern tier and southeastern corner. On the second day, I started and ended at its southwest corner, but without entering the park itself. This time, I again started and […]