Sunday Summary – March 8, 2015

[…] suburbs, and the metro area as a whole. The Pedestrian Treatment is a brief invitation to brainstorming about possible locations for woonerfs (or woonerven) after Minneapolis announced its first woonerf in the Mill City Quarter housing development; commenters take up the challenge as well as clarify what’s a woonerf.
Target layoffs as a proportion of downtown jobs
Big […]

Success is not IN the Water; it is BECAUSE of it? Bicycling in Ferrara (Italy)

It’s hard to figure out how Ferrara (Italy) achieved legendary status among Europe’s top cycling towns. The answer might not be in the water; but it could be because of it. The ferraresi embrace the bike as much as any place I have seen. But in way lacking self-consciousness, most residents fail to consider themselves […]

West River Parkway Park

The Future of West River Parkway

[…] from the first proposals.
“We are hoping with a couple of the improvement in the first phase of Water Works, including changing some of the connections to the woonerf that is just north of there, and also changing how bikes are able to get down off of to the Stone Arch Bridge … […]

a bollard

A Festivus

Tomorrow is Festivus! In the spirit of the celebration, we thought we’d start a round of Streets Festivus. Play along with us! The Festivus Pole We shall start the observance with a pole. While the traditional Festivus pole is aluminum, we feel that a proper streets Festivus pole for 2017 is a bollard. A bollard, […]

Copenhagen’s Cycling Craze

[…] traditional (and usually raised) cycle track is what dominates everywhere. A mere 18 km of cycle lanes–separation only via paint—exist in the entire city. Surprisingly absent are woonerf type treatments. The Danish way prizes separated thoroughfares for different vehicles. An emerging (and unresolved?) emphasis has focused on intersections; where to end the cycle tracks. […]

St Paul: Ripe For Ruin

I once asked prominent Saint Paulite, Lucy Berkowitz, what makes Nina’s in Cathedral Hill so popular and why don’t we have places like it in the suburbs. I expected her to say, “great cappuccinos and food provided by awesome employees.” (…and where the largest sign in a place named after St Paul’s most famous madam […]

Peachtree Street

Peachtree Street woonerf in Atlanta

General C.C. Andrews State Forest

National Links: Creating Wind Path Forests in Cities

Every day at The Overhead Wire we collect news about cities and send the links to our email list. At the end of the week we take some of the most popular stories and post them to Greater Greater Washington, a group blog similar to that focuses on urban issues in the D.C. region. […]

Alley east of 27th Avenue South in July 2020

The Lake/Minnehaha Rebuild Is an Opportunity to Redefine Our Alleys

Following the reprehensible conduct of police in the treatment and death of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020, peaceful protests became agitated by subsequent aggression and retaliation by police in riot gear. Some strayed from the initial focus of the peaceful protestors upon the Minneapolis Police Department Third Precinct building, setting fire to neighborhood buildings […]

Close up of plant, with dog foot about to step on it

Sunday Summary – May 12, 2019

[…] 1975 – 2018, Chart of the Day: Typical Distances By Transportation Mode, Log Scale, and Chart of the Day: Overnight Green Line Rider Trip Purpose.
Link! National Links: Atlanta to Woonerf and the Importance of Shade with more links from around the country from Jeff Wood at The Overhead Wire.
Can I plant it yet? Image of […]