2013 Best Way to Spend A Weekend Day With Kids: Minnehaha Falls

[…] great outdoors for these moments, and chose the option offering wide open spaces, playgrounds, a dangerous water feature, and a source of both beer and ice cream: Minnehaha Falls. It edged out the ever-popular Como Zoo & Como Town, which offers almost all of the above, save the beer. Both completely clobbered indoor facilities […]

Squaring a Triangle: Rethinking Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha in Seward

For decades, the Franklin/Cedar/ Minnehaha area of northwest Seward has been a thorny area, confusing for cars, unsafe for pedestrians, and generally lacking in the urban amenities residents of most Minneapolis neighborhoods desire. Though the area has had an LRT station on the blue line for 10 years now, little has changed where the […]

Minneapolis should “pull out” of the County’s plans for Minnehaha

[…] found all over the Twin Cities, including on brand new streets like Nicollet Ave and Chicago Ave. Infographic So when I saw that Hennepin County‚Äôs design for Minnehaha Ave is lousy with pull-outs I was both surprised and annoyed, then after a moment, surprised again. The design actually mitigates the above-mentioned safety problem in […]

Alley east of 27th Avenue South in July 2020

The Lake/Minnehaha Rebuild Is an Opportunity to Redefine Our Alleys

[…] Lake Street, wondering whether the destruction would ripple farther eastward toward my apartment. Much of the full-scale destruction centered upon the intersections at 27th Avenue South and Minnehaha Avenue at East Lake Street. While all structures on the east side of 27th Avenue South were reduced to smoking rubble, a north-south alley to the […]

Biking Through a Circus

On Sunday my children and I were meeting friends at Minnehaha Park and then planned to stop for ice cream and some book shopping in Highland Village. It is only a nine mile round trip and parking at Minnehaha Park is difficult so we decided to ride our bicycles. My six-year old rode on […]