Bikes and Skyways

I think this Skyway Bike Race is from Red Bull Ride the Sky 2007. (via Mulad ) Another perspective here:

Bill’s Skyway Revolution Tour

Our hero leads the revolt … with an educational walking tour!  Chaos soon erupts … NOTE: *A big thanks to Bill Lindeke (of Streets.MN and TC Sidewalks) for the great Minneapolis skyway tour (courtesy of the Soap Factory’s Common Room). For the record, in real life, talk of revolution was light, but the tour was […]

Mindless Skyway (video)

[…] I’m sharing the grand Prize winner from two years ago as it fits well with the never ending skyway debate that’s been dominating the pages of the past few weeks and because skyways, Macy’s, and Saint Paul. What could be better than that? View this year’s Videotect 4 entries and cast your vote here: