Chart of the Day: International Road Fatality Rates vs MN

[…] more skilled on the road? We’re notably absent from the 2015 Formula One driver list) Laws of the road (including drunk driving thresholds), enforcement levels, and penalties Vehicle design & safety measures (mandated design safety, seatbelt use, etc) Per Mile Driven (Blue Bars) Ratio: How safe or unsafe we are as a society when […]

Heavy Commercial Average Annual Daily Traffic (HCAADT) by Corridor: 2012

Chart of the Day – Trucks

Today’s Charts of the Day concern trucking in Minnesota: Heavy Commercial Average Annual Daily Traffic (HCAADT) by Corridor: 2012 Heavy Commercial Vehicle Miles Traveled (HCVMT) on the Minnesota State Highway System (in billions) Source: MnDOT  Annual Transportation Performance Report 2012 Heavy Commercial Average Annual Daily Traffic (HCAADT) by Corridor: 2012 Heavy Commercial Vehicle Miles […]

Screen Shot 2019 01 08 At 8.48.52 Am

Chart of the Day: Total US Carbon Emissions, 1990-2018

[…] the toughening of those standards after 2021. There are signs that those standards have been effective. In the first nine months of 2018, Americans drove slightly more miles in passenger vehicles than they did over that span the previous year, yet gasoline use dropped by 0.1 percent, thanks in part to fuel-efficient vehicles and […]

Google Driverless Car At Intersection.gk

Critiquing the Transportation-as-a-Service Model

Grendelkhan, Google driverless car at intersection.gk, CC BY-SA 4.0 There’s been a lot of talk about the potential upcoming disruption of self-driving-cars, including their effect on private vehicle ownership and travel. One of the most optimistic is the 2017 article “Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030.” Authors James Arbib and Tony Seba make some bodacious claims regarding […]

NLX train

Reader Survey Results: Economics of Amtrak from Minneapolis to Duluth

[…] last question asked how readers traveled for their last trip of more than 100 miles. Nearly two-thirds, 65.12%, of readers made their last major trip by personal vehicle and nearly a quarter, 24.92%, made it by commercial or private flight. Of the 301 readers who participated in a survey on rail travel, it was […]

Can You Build Your Way Out of Congestion? Let’s Look at the Data

[…] bumps leveled off the decline, and eventually we are back at the 1980s level. In both cases the congestion curve actually bears more relation to VMT ( Vehicle Miles Travelled) than lane miles per capita. Congestion delay was reduced because the Great Recession cut the size of the economy. The well-documented aversion of millenials […]

Road Infrastructure 101, Part 1

[…] pavement is needed for current drivers and the ever-important freight companies who move goods (both regionally and locally).  Highway expansions use the same logic as well.   Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) are reasonably easy to track and data is also very accessible.  Of course, we can find average daily counts for many individual roads […]

Saint Paul’s New Street Design Manual

[…] the Public Safety crash data intake system for bike/ped crashes, including exact location, time of day, direction of travel of victim. direction of travel of the motor vehicle and severity of the crash. Then a bit of code must be written so that this data can be syphoned off (without names or HIPAA-protected identification) […]

Bicycling: Relatively Safe

[…] The statistics above naturally reflect that. The statistics for motor vehicles however include a lot of miles on rural interstates (or motorways) which are considerably safer per vehicle mile traveled (0.8 fatalities/VMT) than average (1.46 fatalities/VMT) and so skew the results a bit for this comparison. We end up comparing riding bicycles in more […]