Published on Jan 11, 2014
One weekday (from 4:00am to 4:00am) of transit activity in Minneapolis and St. Paul, based on the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data made available by Metro Transit ( and the Metro Valley Transit Authority (MVTA

Podcast #96: The Urban Effects of with Spencer Cox

[…] the exurban fringe and the way that Amazon offices are reshaping central cities like Seattle. Cox also worked on a new report released by the Minneapolis-based Institute for Local Self Reliance, an think-tank that focuses on local economies. We sat down at the Kitty Cat Club in Dinkytown the other day to chat about […]

Northfield Wins the Silver Medal

[…] considered significant in its ranking like Northfield’s colleges, industry, scenic Cannon River, events, historic main street, and proximity to the Twin Cities. readers also advocated for Northfield when Stillwater won’s 2012 poll noting that Northfield was more than “visitable,” but livable.’s 2014 ranking criteria (2013’s criteria are here) seem almost tailor-made […]

6 Outrageously Named New Minneapolis Luxury Apartment Buildings

Did you spend a lot money in exchange for “marketing” credential$? If not, check out this crazy list of outrageously named new Minneapolis apartment buildings!
1.) Red 20
…this project in Northeast is cleverly named after the dye used to color Totino’s pizza boxes, as the project involved the demolition of the original Totino’s restaurant. It […]

Chart of the Day: US Cities by Percent of Population Biking to Work

US Census: Percentage of people commuting to work by bike, for US cities with population greater than 100,000 persons. Credit: US Census Bureau.
More information (and high resolution image) at Chart showing the percentage of residents commuting to work by bike for US cities with population greater than 100,000 […]

Chart of the Day: Daily Incoming Solar Radiation (By Latitude)

You might have noticed that the days are getting shorter up here underneath the 49th Parallel (aka Canada’s Waistband). It’s not your imagination, it’s true! Insolation is a climatological term for Incoming Solar Radiation, or the total amount of the sun’s energy that strikes the Earth during a day. This number varies quite a lot depending […]

Want a Car2Go “Station”? Let them know!

[…] (or as they call it, “home area”) yesterday. Here’s the new map (effective March 15):
new car2go home area map as of March 2016
And you can click here for more information about the new home area:
With large portions of North Minneapolis and, uh, most of Saint Paul now outside the Home Area, many Twin Cities […]

Grandview Theater

Strong Towns


Park and Ride Regional Usage Growth 2002 –2013: Source:,-2014/Info-2_-Park-and-Ride-Presentation.aspx