The Minnesota Strategic Highway Safety Plan

[…] Collection is the Key
With bicycles and pedestrians, the SHSP suffers from poor data collection and poor evaluation. It fails to consider many easy, obvious internal agency strategies for reducing bike/ped crashes, and fails to set specific targets, either for bike/ped crash reduction or for spending money in a way that will bring about reductions. The […]


Park and Ride Regional Usage Growth 2002 –2013: Source:,-2014/Info-2_-Park-and-Ride-Presentation.aspx

MPLS Bike Capitol

50 Reasons: Minneapolis Is The Bike Capital Of America

Published on Jun 28, 2015 An original production by and Twin Cities filmmaker Erik Nelson (, ’50 Reasons’ stakes a claim that Minneapolis is the bike capital of America. The film documents the local bike culture, from publicly-funded trails, infrastructure, and programs, to engaging Minneapolis/St. Paul personalities and bike-based businesses. The film reveals a […]

Light Rail Crop Art

Just saw this on the Metro Transit website (the Rider’s Almanac) and had to pass it on. Here’s the link.          

Kenilworth Trail

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Chart of the Day: Rent Costs vs. Childcare Costs, by Metro

We talk a lot about housing costs. For many people who have children, the cost of childcare can be equivalent to another full rent/mortgage payment each month. Hotpads used data from’s Care Index and the Census Bureau, and found that the average monthly cost of child care in the U.S. – including at-home and in-center care […]


Twin Cities Premium Outlets: Source:


Metro Transit knows how to post signs for small changes! Photo by Michael Hicks

gas pump

gas pump, via Flickr:

Chart of the Day: Global Migration Between Continents

Zooming out a bit from’s typical scale of concern, here’s a beaut of a chart depicting global migration patterns: Here’s a bit about how to read the chart, from the website that published it. You can click over to the site to see longitudinal data and to explore the chart in detail.