MPLS Bike Capitol

50 Reasons: Minneapolis Is The Bike Capital Of America

Published on Jun 28, 2015 An original production by and Twin Cities filmmaker Erik Nelson (, ’50 Reasons’ stakes a claim that Minneapolis is the bike capital of America. The film documents the local bike culture, from publicly-funded trails, infrastructure, and programs, to engaging Minneapolis/St. Paul personalities and bike-based businesses. The film reveals a […]

Light Rail Crop Art

Just saw this on the Metro Transit website (the Rider’s Almanac) and had to pass it on. Here’s the link.          


The author, providing a hands-on demonstration of mixing easy-to-access alternative transportation with fun. (Photo: St. Paul Smart Trips – Future of Fourth – )


Have we got it upside down with subways? We shove people down in to grungy rat mazes while goods are in the fresh air and sunlight. What if instead goods were delivered through a network of tunnels using autonomous electric vehicles.


SPIbelt. Photo from flickr user blueb: