Editorial Council

The following was approved by the Board on August 27, 2016

  1.    The Editorial Council was established by action of the Board on July 7, 2014.
  1.    The Secretary of the Board will be an ex officio member of the Editorial Council and serve as the board member responsible for editorial functions including reporting to the Board at each meeting about the work of the Council.
  1.    The Board shall designate a non-board member of the Editorial Council to be Editor in Chief (EIC). The EIC will oversee the work of the Council and work with the Board Secretary to review policy, recruit and retain volunteers, and any other pertinent matters.
  1.    The Council shall comprise at least 6 regular members. The EIC may be a regular member. In addition to the regular members, the Board Secretary is an ex officio member.
  1.    The EIC shall solicit nominations (including self-nominations) for Editorial Council members from the Writers List and readership; the EIC and Board Secretary will prepare a slate of candidates to be brought to the Board at the next appropriate Board Meeting for approval. The Editor in Chief may also designate additional editorial positions (e.g. Events Calendar editor, image editor, etc.) as needed; candidates for any newly created positions will be brought to the board at the next appropriate Board meeting for approval.
  1.    The Editor in Chief shall manage the calendar and workflow, supervise training of new editors, and coordinate the work of the Editorial Council. The EIC shall work with the Secretary to report on the Editorial Council at each Board meeting and to bring requested changes to the Board for approval.
  1.    Editors approved by the Board shall serve two-year terms, but are eligible for re-appointment for up to five consecutive terms. Any editor appointed to fill an unexpired term shall serve for the remainder of the term, then be considered for reappointment. Terms shall be staggered so approximately one half of the terms will expire in even numbered years and one half in odd numbered years.
  1.    The Board will review membership of the Editorial Council and editorial policies at least annually and more frequently as needed.