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Chart of the Day: Seniors Surveyed on Walkability

Here’s a chart that shows the results from a recent survey put out by a group called A Place For Mom. It shows the preferences for walkability, transit, and safe streets from a nationwide sample of senior citizens: Via the Curbed article, here’s a quote from a developer describing the typical designs of senior living […]

As Easy as Riding a Bike

I have recently had the pleasure of watching two people learn to ride a bicycle. I have vague memories of learning to ride a bike around age five. Like many people I rode as a child and stopped as a teenager. I took it up again in my late 20s and have now been riding […]

Sunday Summary – April 3, 2016

Welcome to April which is being blown into Minnesota on 30 mph winds at the moment. Of course, we had to start the month with some fun before getting back to the serious (but still not always solemn) business of bringing you additional perspectives on places. Here’s the week: April Fooling Expanding the conversation about […]

Pioneer Press, St Paul’s Fiscal Hawks Get it Backwards on 8-80 Investments

I like the Pioneer Press. They do a lot of good work, and I’ve read  a lot of quality articles there over the years. But over the last month or so, a narrative keeps popping up about cost over-runs for infrastructure projects. Mirroring the “fiscal hawk” critique at city hall, they tend to frame infrastructure news […]

Saint Paul Plays Catch-up on Roadway Construction in 2015

With snow, ice and freezing temperatures bringing the 2014 street repair season to an early close, I decided it was time to see what progress has been made to address the sorry state of Saint Paul’s streets and bridges, and what is planned for 2015.          Fairview I-94 Underpass — Photo by […]

A Look Inside Saint Paul’s 8-80 Vitality Fund

Ever since Mayor Chris Coleman introduced his 2015 budget in August, I’ve been anxious to learn more about the details of the Mayor’s proposal for a new $42.5 million “8-80 Vitality Fund”. Last week a list of projects were posted online in preparation for the City Council’s October 8th budget review session. I shared the list […]

Sunday Summary – October 12, 2014

Here’s the week on streets.mn, beautifully blurbed and creatively categorized: Stop, Look and Listen Stop: This week, equity issues (which are almost always lack of equity issues) figure prominently as streets.mn continues to expand the conversation about transportation, land use and include more viewpoints. Three Things You Should Know about the Suburban Equity Cry reviews some […]

Saint Paul’s 8-80 Vitality Fund Can Help Saint Paul Work for Everyone

On Wednesday, October 8th, at 10:00 am, the Saint Paul City Council Budget Committee will review Mayor Chris Coleman’s proposed 8-80 Vitality Fund. If approved, the fund will invest $42.5 million in infrastructure projects designed to promote economic development by enlivening Saint Paul’s streets and public spaces. The idea for the fund was inspired by […]