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The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway: Embracing Winter Biking

In 2020, I turned away from my car and became a bike commuter. In 2021, I’m tackling my first winter as a biker, and I’m doing it by riding every day in January. Flurries whistle past me, only a cotton mask standing between my face and the biting wind.  Through the blowing snow I take […]

METRO C Line bus running through downtown Minneapolis

Accessibility of the B, D, and E Lines

Transit enthusiasts got some much needed good news last October as the B and D Lines received funding from the State to begin construction. These lines are the most recent additions to Metro Transit’s Arterial Bus Rapid Transit (ABRT) program that offers enhanced bus services with higher frequencies and faster travel times on some of […]

NiceRide Booth at the E-Bike Challenge

#eBikeThoughts: I rode a NiceRide eBike!

NiceRide Minnesota is launching 500 #eBikes in Minneapolis this spring. I got a chance to ride one of the new bikes at the eBike Challenge. The new electric-assist bikes use the same frame as the blue dockless bikes, introduced at the end of last season. This includes the traditional low step-thru design that means you […]

Map Monday: Transit Access to Jobs for the Twin Cities Metro in 2017

The most recent transit-and-jobs “Access Across America” report came out this week and here’ s the latest map. It’s a heat map showing “jobs within a 30 minute transit ride” of any given location on the map. Blues are 0-5K, greens are about 10-50K, and yellows and oranges denote 100-500K jobs. (Other cities have even […]

Map Monday: Twin Cities Jobs by Transit Accessibility

Here’s a map from a just-released report called “Access Across America”, coming out of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Transportation Studies. It has a series of heat maps showing the amount of jobs connected to transit in a huge list of metros around the United States. Here’s the one for Minneapolis:   The key […]

Sunday Summary – July 23, 2017

‘Tis the dog days of summer when hot dogs pant furiously, ice cream cones melt and fall on sidewalks (to be licked up by hot dogs), and lucky dogs get to go swimming. A light week here on streets.mn, but here’s what we’ve got:   Look and listen Here to There Episodes 7 (SOCIAL COHESION […]