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A New Vision Zero for St. Paul: Part 5 – Enforcement

Thus far in this series of ideas concerning the path that the city of St. Paul might take towards becoming a Vision Zero city that pays more than token lip-service to the idea, the first three of the “Five E’s” – Evaluation, Engineering, and Education – have provided a framework for studying the issues, re-designing […]

The War on Pedestrians

Updated November 6, 2014* Many veterans have come back from Iraq and Afghanistan with permanent, disabling wounds. Many suffer head traumas from concussions or fractured skulls when vehicles they’re traveling in are blown up by Improvised Explosive Devices. Pedestrians and Cyclists in Saint Paul are also seeing combat type head traumas—like Sowinta Kay, age 20, who was […]

Chart of the Day: Driving Safety in Different States

This chart comes from a great post about the folly of insurance rankings for US states over at Strong Towns. (See for example, City Pages recently using these kinds of stats on their blog. They write: “Out of the 200 cities included in the study, which is based on crash data, Minneapolis ranks 90th. St. […]