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Map Monday: The Great Twin Cities Megaregion

Via James Russell on Twitter, here’s a bottom-up map that was generated from analyzing 130 million commuter patterns and narrowing those trips into a series of “megaregions” around the country. The end result, in multi-color glory: And another one showing clear delineations: A brief description of the methodology: Previously megaregions have been typically identified by […]

Chart of the Day: Minneapolis Bicycle Mode-Share for 2015, an All-Time High!

Via long-time bike advocate Hokan and the American Community Survey (ACS), here’s the bicycling mode share for the city of Minneapolis. (Mode share is the percentage of people who commute via the different modes, e.g. driving, walking, transit, etc.) The results are in: 5%! Not much to say about this except that it’s awesome news! […]