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Intersection of Energy Park Drive and U of M Transitway from the north

Observations from the 2020 Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic Count

It was sunny and not quite 60 degrees when I unfolded my camp chair at the northwest corner of Energy Park Drive and the U of M Transitway on the edge of Saint Paul to count people walking or bicycling on a Thursday afternoon in September. I placed the chair right next to the beg […]

Lesser of Three Evils for my Saint Paul Bike Commute

I recently moved from Hamline-Midway in Saint Paul to the West Seventh neighborhood near Mississippi Market and, at about the same time, changed employers. Rather than biking from near Snelling and University Avenues to Cedar and 10th Streets, I am now biking from near West Seventh and Otto to Jackson Street and Second Street – […]

Signal Priorities Should Signal Priorities

Signal timing makes a huge difference. As the Green Line planners are just discovering in Saint Paul, how we prioritize different modes at intersections can make the trip between downtowns last over an hour, or we can cut that time in half by prioritizing trains at busy corners. It’s a matter of priorities. Similar problems arise with pedestrian […]